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Wanda Sykes at HRC dinner: Send Rush Limbaugh’s “big ass” to Guantamano Bay

Wanda Sykes got a huge reception Saturday night when she walked onto the stage to welcome the crowd to the Human Rights Campaign dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel.

“I should’ve come out a looooong time ago!” she said. “It’s such an honor to be here.”

Then she was off and running.


On being an in-demand activist: “I’m busy! Gay, gay, gay all the time. I didn’t know it was gonna be thus much work! Geez! Every day, ‘This is something gay, can you do this?” I’ll be there! …And I keep saying gay. I haven’t got all the correct terminology down. So many women come up to me, hard-core lesbians: “Wanda! You gotta stop saying gay! You’re a lesbian!…you’re not gay! Men are gay! You’re a lesbian, you’re a woman!” I’m like calm down dyke I just started this!”

On gay marriage opponents: “It’s just amazing to me how people get involved in something that doesn’t concern them. You know, if they would just mind their own damned business…The economy’s all messed up, it’s all about the economy right now. And think of all that money they’re losing (from) gay weddings. Wouldn’t you love to have some of that gay wedding money?”

On gay marriage: “It’s just a relationship. It’s just two people who love each other, just trying to deal with each other and get through life together, that’s all. Just trying to build something together. Relationships are all the same. You’ve got one person who likes to talk a lot and the other person who pretends to listen.”

On Republicans: “Talk about evil people, they’re just nasty! (Rush Limbaugh) saying, ‘I want the president to fail!’ What kind of bullshit is that? He thinks screw everybody else. Screw everybody, I just want to win! That’s treason, right? I’m like, ‘Let’s not close Guantanamo (Bay), send Rush Limbaugh’s big ass over there! He’s a terrorist!’”

On aging: “It ain’t fun getting old. It’s not. I don’t consider myself old it’s just little things that happen that people don’t tell you about. The bladder ain’t what it used to be. I used to carry an extra pair of panties in my purse back in the day in case I got lucky. Now it’s in case I sneeze!”

Later today: My recap of a memorable HRC dinner including red carpet interviews with Sykes, US Sen. Diuanne Feinstein and NAACP Executive Director Julian Biond whose remarkable speech you will be hearing as lot about!

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3 Remarks

  1. March 17th, 2009 at 3:37 am
    Jim/ Cnarlotte, NC says:

    I always admired this woman and her humor. Now, my admiration for her has grown since she came out..

  2. May 12th, 2009 at 1:09 am
    Acie Sabb says:

    I’ve always loved Wanda Sykes. She is my homegirl from Virginia and
    I’m proud of her. By coming out, I guess she’s twice as funny now.
    Loved the comment by her with regard to Rush Limbaugh. I believe he
    is a terrorist. Personally, I have never heard Limbaugh say anything
    positive about black folks. I also understand that Cheney has never
    voted for anything to benefit blacks, not even MLK’s birthday when it
    was going through the Congress. I’m not at all surprized that he
    would turn on Colin Powell, a person with whom he conducted the first
    Iraqi War for Rush Limbaugh and show that his bottom line is the
    color of your skin.
    Best wishes

  3. May 12th, 2009 at 3:25 pm
    Craig Norman says:

    Mr Limbaugh has caused inconvenience to so many people in the name of being conservative. By whatever name, jokes or staight talk, he deserves some inconvenience. These “jokes” or “jibes” are essential at this time. Rush Limbaugh has been opening his big mouth and saying many nasty things recently. Rush Limbaugh has been as terrorist to all black people. Look at the list of ten of his nasty statements here.
    ( Wanda Sykes did not to say “die”. She says wishing your governmnent to fail makes you sound like an enemy from within. Rush Limbaugh has not known failure so wanda wants him to taste what failure feels like. I would say to Wanda “I wish Rush Limbaugh kidney fails, Wanda, as he wishes failure for other people. You said what we all wanted to say”. In the end, this is a caution or rebuke to Rush Limbaugh not to wish others failure. A man whose kidney fails is not dead. He can live on support system. Kidney failure is not deadness. It’s wrong medicine to say kidney failure is deadness. Those WHO SAY SO ARE EITHER IGNORANT OR LIARS.

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