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Maya revealed to be transgender female on daytime soap “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Emmy winning CBS daytime soap The Bold and the Beautiful revealed earlier today that one of its characters is transgender.

It was a twist that the most loyal of viewers did not see coming.

The big reveal came during a confrontation between sisters Maya (Karla Mosley) and Nicole (Reign Edwards).

‘You’re not my sister, Maya. You’re not Maya at all,’ Nicole said to her sibling. ‘You’re Myron, my brother.’

Maya is a model who’s dating Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) and transitioned from a male to a female at a young age.

Twitter instantly lit up with fan reaction.

Wrote @prezpat: Holy F! Today’s I’ve never been so shocked.

Aweethart1963 tweeted: Am I reading this right? Maya was born with an……extra part?

@FutureSoBrite_ wrote: Seriously it takes guts for a major Soap Opera and a MAJOR Network (CBS) to go forth with this has no fear apparently.

Mosley took to Twitter herself to respond to the outpouring by tweeting: ‘Totally not supposed to be tweeting, but thanks for all the LOVE. So much more to come.’

The show’s executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell tells USA Today the story the soap is telling is about love and tolerance.

‘It is about people respecting other people’s differences and their uniqueness,’ he says. ‘In the end, we all want to be loved, and in order to love someone else you first have to love yourself. If you are transgender, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter. It’s about finding love in life. This is a love story.’


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4 Remarks

  1. March 18th, 2015 at 7:15 pm
    Sharon Elliott says:

    How do they expect viewers to believe this story? Maya came on the show looking for her daughter that had been adopted out. After finding out that the child had perished along with her adoptive parents in car accident, Maya’s baby daddy Jesse showed up. They had a conversation about their child being adopted out and then dying. How do long time viewers get past this part of Maya’s past?

  2. Maya had a child, me and my mom did not understand this story at all and discussed how the writers are going to get themselves out of this pickle for hours. It just doesn’t add up, how can the show explain Maya is transgendered when she had a baby?

  3. March 19th, 2015 at 6:03 am
    K. Martinez says:

    I agree. The show’s writers didn’t pay attention to story continuity about Maya’s baby. Soap operas in general seem to have really poor quality writing.

  4. Now the story is getting interesting, I was almost losing interest, in the Bold and the Beautiful, The only reason I watch it, is its been on since 1987, I had miss most of the series because of work but now I have the time to see it, and I hate to see this soap opera go like As the World Turns, That was my favorites, But I love the cast in this soap.

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