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It’s my blogoversary! Greg in Hollywood turns 12 today and it is finally time to take a little break!

It was 12 years ago today that I launched the Greg in Hollywood blog after finding myself suddenly unemployed.

After creating the Out in Hollywood blog for the LA Daily News in 2006, I was addicted to blogging and did not want to stop after being a casualty of mass layoffs at the newspaper in 2009.

Greg in Hollywood has been my reliable companion through the pandemic, unemployment, underemployment, and, thankfully, full-time employment. It’s been a constant in my life and I have never taken more than a day or two away from posting fresh content.

Finally, I have decided to take a little break. It will likely be a period of 3-4 weeks as I think long and hard about what I want to do with my time. My day job as a writer-editor for the Los Angeles LGBT Center keeps me plenty busy!

But Greg in Hollywood isn’t going away for good. When I return, I will be looking to do fewer posts but those I do – recaps, reviews, interviews – will be more meaningful and satisfying to me. And hopefully to you too!

I am so grateful to you loyal readers who have appreciated my efforts over the years. I have never taken you for granted and never will!

Stay in touch via Instagram (greginhollywood) in the meantime!

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38 Remarks

  1. One of the highlights of my day is seeing your post. Thank you for keeping it real with your honesty and insight. ???????? I am not in any social media stuff so I just want to wish you a happy long overdue vacation / break. May you have a good R&R. Good luck with your future endeavour. ???? All the best. ????

  2. Keep up the great work Greg – your site is a big part of my day!

  3. Hi Greg, Congratulations and will be curious to see what you do next. Blogs ARE time consuming, but also addicting, as you say!

    Cheers from Rick

  4. March 2nd, 2021 at 8:01 am
    James Dwight Williamson says:

    Best Wishes for a rest, You are a place for peaceful happy news. A respite from the anxiety of so many other blogs. Come back rested and soon, Thanks for all the fish! xoxoxoxo

  5. GreginHollywood is the first blog I read every day. You will be sorely missed. Best of luck with whatever you do. I look forward to your return.

  6. Boy, you deserve a lot of time off! I don’t know how you put together so many posts that were always rich in content and so informative and entertaining to all of your followers. I will miss it each day!

  7. March 2nd, 2021 at 9:19 am
    Daniel François says:

    I will miss your reports. They are a pleasant daily routine. Take care and stay safe !

  8. Congrats on 12 years. I love reading the blog and all kinds of interesting things which I know takes a lot of time to put together and post. It’s always informative and entertaining. Have a good break and enjoy a change of pace for awhile anyway.

  9. Wow, first Andy Towle leaves Towleroad and now this, two of my favorite blogs slowing down or ending. I understand it’s very time consuming, but so much news all in one place. Where will I go; what will I do? I can’t go to Tara! In all seriousness, thank you for twelve great years Greg, I wish you all the best for your future.

  10. Congratulations Greg on 12 years! I hope you enjoy your well deserved time off. Please know that I enjoy your posts and look forward to reading the news/fun facts/memories and looking at the videos and eye candy you take the time to share with us. Your column is one of the highlights of my day as I know it is for many others. I look forward to your new beginning whatever that may be. Stay safe!

  11. Thank you for 12 fun and interesting years. I look forward to its rebirth after you have rested up and reassessed where life takes you.

  12. Greg: Rest-up and do what thinking you need to do. But, please know that there’s lots of people who will want you to continue with this blog, and stay a part of all our lives. We appreciate you, and value your daily role in our lives. Be safe & stay Strong. Your friend, Marty

  13. I remember your journalistic talents way back to the beginning as a teenager! I love it then and I love it NOW. Such a journey reading your work over the years and with different newspapers. You are the epitome of setting your sights high and achieving your goals. So proud of you Greg and enjoy your much earned break!!!

  14. Congrats, Greg. You have always been my go to blog that gave the pick-up I need to start my day. Wishing you the best on your much deserved chillax time and looking forward to your future insightful editorial surprises. Be well.

  15. Kath, you just about made me cry. Promise me we will see each other when it is safe. I’m in OC at least a 2-3 times a month! xoxo

  16. Thanks so much Sammie!!! Appreciate the support!

  17. Marty, that is unbelievably kind and much appreciated. I will definitely be back!

  18. Thanks so much Herb!

  19. Thank you for the kind and generous comments Deb. Glad you’ve been enjoying it all.

  20. Andy stole my thunder! Had no idea that was coming. But his is for good, mine just a little while :)

  21. Thank you Jack!!! Appreciate those kinds words very much!

  22. Thank you Daniel!!!

  23. That is so kind Brew69 (nice nickname!). I’ll be back before u know it!

  24. Thank you Bill!!! I will be back refreshed and renewed.

  25. Thank you James – I do try to keep it mostly light because there’s so much toxicity out there. Take care!

  26. Thank you Rick!!!!

  27. Will do Brian! Hope things are well Down Under!

  28. To know the blog is one of the highlights of your day means the world. Thank you Jose!

  29. This Vernon in Johannesburg is gonna miss ya big, Greg. Your daily presence has been impressive and you’re a more than a trusted source of fascinating information. Kick up your heels and throw off your pearls, doll. Don’t you dare dump us permanent-like, ya hear? Lots of love xxx.

  30. Thank you Vernon – always love hearing from you! xxxooo

  31. Thank you so much, Greg, for always being there for the LGBTQ community and for all people. Your columns are always informative and a lot of fun! I hope your vacation brings you peace and time for yourself. We will miss you!
    Best always,

  32. Please take some time and rest up. I do hope you will continue to post at some point. This site is one of the very few I visit daily and the only one I visit daily that I’ve been visiting for over a decade.

    We love you! So take care of yourself. I hope the journey will continue for another 12 years!

  33. Thank you Chip for those supportive and understanding words – appreciate your loyalty!

  34. Well deserved time off! Thanks for keeping my up to date with all the work you’ve done – I appreciate you Greg!

  35. Thank you Joan! Keep reminding me about this birthdays!

  36. Thanks also much!!!!!

  37. March 4th, 2021 at 11:16 am
    Robinquinc says:

    Enjoy your time off! I look forward to your return and especially your morning man feature! Your blog is my first look every am! Well deserved and Happy Anniversary!

  38. Greg: Keep Up the great work. You have real talent and we all appreciate what you do. Your perspectives are superior and stories always interesting.
    We thank and salute you!

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