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Fans launch Doctors Without Borders campaign in honor of Eric Sheffer Stevens and alter-ego Dr. Reid Oliver

I haven’t been this upset since Bobby Ewing  was killed on Dallas. Can’t we just have this all be Noah’s dream and find out that Dr. Reid Oliver is still alive on As the World Turns?

Since the show ends next week and all episodes were completed months ago, we know that is not going to happen.

If you need a way to channel out grief at the loss of the character brought to life by the brilliant Eric Sheffer Stevens, some fans have come up with the Eric Sheffer Stevens Doctors without Borders campaign.

According to LoveLure (the Luke and Reid blog), fans of Eric/Reid wanted to find a way to show our appreciation for the actor.  A charity drive was suggested, and Eric nominated Doctors without Borders as a charity he is invested in, and in honor of the character of Dr. Reid Oliver.

The campaign raised over $3000 in its first 24 hours, nearly twice that in its first week, and reached its initial goal of $15,000 shortly after Tragic Tuesday’s episode.

More information HERE about the campaign.



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2 Remarks

  1. So honored to say I am a part of this incredibly amazing group of fans. Donating to this charity and reaching the goal has made the pain of the ending of this story that much easier to bare. Thank you to Eric Sheffer Stevens for making me fall so head over heals for the character of Dr. Reid Oliver. And Thank You to Van Hansis for not disappointing as well. These two actors are phenomenal. Thank you to GregInHollywood for posting this wonderful article about this Campaign. This has been our one saving grace during the very sad ending to this wonderful story line.

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