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Elliot Page thankful after announcing he’s trans: “Your love and support has been the greatest gift”

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  1. As “G” in LGBTQ, I feel ignorant clarifying that “Juno’s” star Ellen, now ELLIOT PAGE, is not a Lesbian female, but he has just come out as Trans. Happy for him. I get confused when there’s no clarification if the Trans status is F to M, or M to F. I’m assuming Page is Trans by way of M at birth & “he” has or plans a transitioned to F. Because the world knew actor Ellen Page as a female Lesbian, but now He (Elliot) Page has come out as trans. Since she was known as a great F lesbian actor, its reasonable to understand her trans announcement means Elliot was assigned Male at birth & has just announced his reality was M, but “He” is actually is Trans & converting to F. But we all thought she was F & Lesbian (which was cool too).

    But since it wasn’t clarified (M-F or F-M) the talented actor we knew as F & gay, but who now identifies as Trans, perhaps is F-M, (assigned F at birth, tranitioned/ing to M) by way of having changed 1st name from Ellen (f) to Elliot (m). Absent positions of M & F, its not always clear what the orientation is of a trans person, because its an admission of a change that has, or will happen. I accept whichever a person does, but I’d include both letters , so we do not error on the intentions of another who announces they’re Transgender.

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