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Did last night’s episode of “Glee” jump the shark when it came to the homicidal behavior of Sue Sylvester?


What did you all think of last night’s special episode of Glee which aired after the Super Bowl?

I loved that Thriller zombie half-time number and the The Dalton Warblers’ performance of Bills, Bills, Bills. But I gotta say, I think there was some jumping of the shark in the episode when it came to Sue Sylvester, played by Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jane Lynch.

We know Sue can be outrageously mean but is she supposed to be psychotic? Homicidal?

Her wanting to shoot Brittany (Heather Morris) out of cannon during a half-time show was just plain stupid and the fact that she was allowed to take it as far as she did was ridiculous.

We also got to see throw a gigantic tantrum at school, trashing and breaking things. It was not funny. It was annoying.

In the end, the cheerleaders in glee club quit the squad and she loses funding for the Cheerios as we learn when she is interviewed by Katie Couric who has chosen her as one of the biggest losers of the year because she failed to win the national cheerleading title for the seventh year in a row.

Anyway, I do hope Sue Sylvester will be reigned in again in future episodes to somewhat resemble a human being. Yes, a screwed-up human being but not an insane one.



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  1. February 7th, 2011 at 12:03 pm
    Frank Catalongo says:

    Greg, couldn’t agree more. Between the petty & spoiled behaviour of Sue & the crass commercialism on the show, I am really having a hard time watching this show regularly. It seems more & more that Glee is all about what CD or DVD they can sell to us. To see some of the things that Sue has done are just over the top – from changing the date of the competition to being a judge when her school is competing in regionals. And don’t even get me going on about her buying a cannon to send someone off in it. I know it is supposed to be fiction but at least make it realistic. I’ll give it another shot but more of the Sue over the top crap & it will be goodbye to Glee.

  2. After two months of hype, Glee returns with…..this? I thought it was one of the weakest shows they have ever done. The “Jets vs Sharks” feeling of pitting the football team against Glee kids made me think they just did it to try and keep the testosterone laden Super Bowl male viewers around in the hope that they would see if an actual fight broke out.

  3. Greg: Very insightful.
    I was not happy with Sue’s actions in the least. It was so out of sync with good TV writing. She was a caricature and I was embarrassed for her and the show. Her ranting and raving were so out of place and juvenile….and it went on and on. It is a fine line that her charter walks and last night she was way out of bounds.

    On a side note, I felt that the fact that the football players were not at all interested in having some fun by being part of the Thriller number was highly unusual,just about any high school student would be happy to take part in a thriller dance at half time. I know Glee is never really supposed to be realistic but the football teams anger and anti Glee club sentiment is way, way over the top.

  4. It is pretty fantastical… I mean seriously, I was waiting for the robots. Come on they had everything else, why not robots?

    Let me preface that I was one of the few million that tuned in for the first time… and yeah, ‘Glee’s’ not for me. I thought the show was about actual singing, not a staged, broadway bound, semi-comic melodrama extravaganza. After all the hype surrounding this show I was pretty disappointed.

    I love ‘Mad Men’, The Soprano’s, Lost, hell, I’ll even throw a few nods to Arrested Development. I was hoping for ‘Freaks & Geeks’ or ‘My So Called Life’ meets West Side Story… and instead I got ‘Bring It On You High School Musical, Before You Get Served’. Don’t get me wrong… it’s well executed. Just not really even embedded in reality.

  5. I didn’t see the show until I read so many people –and some friends- commenting on it that I gave it a try in this very last season. I like the singing thingy –though not always it’s completely of my taste- and I never took very seriously the plot as it seems to be unrealistic. I like the extremes they go into choosing characters that are more caricatures of real people than real people. I have to confess that when Sue Sylvester gave her pathetic and immature tantrum really made me laugh as hard as to make my partner to enquire what was happening, so no, I never took the plot as seriously as to think anything in it deserves a second thought, though I consider it was far fetched even for Glee. The fake cannon stunt is a much known circus thing –don’t know if they still do it, I guess yes- so in the Glee world it makes sense though obviously it was just to add drama to the plot.

  6. Jane is over exposed. I am so tired of Sue. It’s getting really boring! The music is the best part. Rewrite Sue’s role and have it be more believable for a script about High school.

  7. I just watch Glee for the musical numbers and the one-liners.

    Plot? Story line? Character development? In Glee those tend to be illogical, nonsensical or non-existent.

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