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Bebe Neuwirth talks about the diva rumors and her role as Morticia in Broadway’s “The Addams Family” Neuwirth is back on Broadway in the original musical The Addams Family in the role of Morticia.

Reviews for the show, which also stars Nathan Lane, have been mixed but Bebe has gotten solid notices and the box office numbers are stellar.

Although best known as television’s Lilith on Cheers and Frasier, it’s on the stage that she has had the kind of roles that have allowed her to showcase her full range of talents in such shows as Chicago (in a Tony winning performance), Sweet Charity, and Damn Yankees.

As one of Broadway’s greatest stars, it’s no surprise the diva talk has emerged. But Bebe confesses in an interview with that such talk is quite hurtful.

Q. Recently some publications have written that you’ve been acting like a diva around the cast and crew. One even said tantrums can be heard emanating from your dressing room. How do you respond when negative things are written about you?
A. It hurts my feelings. I feel really bad, especially if the things they are saying are not true. I have this fantasy of getting my own blog that says, “Fuck you, here’s what really happened.” I can’t go there, and I wouldn’t go there, and I hesitate to even tell you that. But when I say something like that, it’s just because my feelings are hurt. Anytime a person lashes out it’s because their feelings are hurt. So, if I say, “Fuck you, here’s what really happened,” it’s because I’ve spent some time crying earlier and now I’m finding a way to make a joke about it.

Q. But they write what they want anyway.
A. You’re right, and I don’t understand why. I don’t understand the appetite for reading that. It’s a little depressing when you think about it because the answer is that people often write these things because that’s what people want to read. Why? Isn’t there enough really horrifying news in the world? Wouldn’t you rather read about how Nathan and I make each other laugh in rehearsal?

Q. Was there ever a moment when you thought, I have a gay following?
A. I guess it sort of crept up on me. It wasn’t anything that seemed…

Q. Were there ever Bebe Neuwirth drag queens running around?
A. No. It didn’t seem unusual in any way. It was like, “Oh, right.” I think somebody pointed it out to me. Maybe when I did Out’s fifth anniversary cover when I was in Chicago. I was like, “Oh really? Great.”



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