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Adam Lambert for new “Idol” judge?


GREAT IDEA: LA Times pop music writer Ann Powers has come up with a suggestion that I fully endorse: sign Adam Lambert as an American Idol judge next season to replace Simon Cowell!

Writes Powers: It’s so clear that it’s Windex. It — he — sat there in the front row on Tuesday night, hair piled extra high in honor of the Elvis theme, a trouper’s grin affixed to his face even when the hopefuls he’d mentored ignored his obviously helpful suggestions. Yes, dear readers, I’m saying it: Adam Lambert should replace Simon Cowell as a judge on “American Idol.”

On hand for Elvis week, Adam was the first former Idol to return as a mentor, an honor-cum-duty (remember, he’s represented by the show’s ancillary organization, 19 Management) that  turns out to suit him well. It could have gone to a more established unit-mover like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson. Yet from the minute he stood at that familiar piano, persuading Crystal Bowersox to put down the folkie strum one time and strap on a sequined electric guitar, he filled the role with complete self-assurance, compassion and sincerity, tempered by an ironic edge that could easily translate to the judges’ table.

Here is a LINK to the rest of Ann’s column.

Frankly, I’m really worried for the show without Simon. His opinion seems to be the only one that really matters and a big personality with some credibility is needed to fill his shoes and to create some hot buzz.

Ellen DeGeneres is a nice addition but she doesn’t actually bring that much to the table other than her sunny personality and Kara and Randy are fine but don’t have near the clout or confidence of Simon.

So Adam as the new judge. Now who are we gonna get as the new host?

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  2. April 14th, 2010 at 5:00 pm
    Tom Gifford says:

    I agree that Adam Lambert would make a perfect replacement for Simon. Adam is intelligent, creative, insightful, quick witted and knows what works. He is a natural for the position and would bring some youthful enthusiasm and suggestions to the table. Where do we sign up to make this happen :)

  3. I think Adam would be a great judge and inspire more youths to pick up their game!! Change the songs and make it their own!! If someone great like Simon leaving you better pick a great one or I am off watching!
    As alot of people has talked about!!
    Adam would be a great choice.. Love him!!

  4. OMG!!!He is the PERRRFFFEECCTT CHOICE to replace Simon. Adam is a brilliant performer with so many years of Theatre experience and presence on the stage and still a beautiful, gorgeous young man. His intelligence, wit, charm and unique talent and manners are supreme talents that are the perfect attributes required to judge upcoming young talents. He’s a seasoned performer and has proven he can instruct and give suggestions to these young people in a manner that they respect. Lee one of the five left did take his advice and has so very much improved his performance. I thought he should have been terminated long ago. Oh yes, you certainly have my vote for Adam Lambert our sensational Rock god.

  5. Absolutely, Adam Lambert is THE one to replace Simon. As Tom says “where do we sign up to make this happen.”

  6. Adam was the most exciting thing to see so far on this season’s show. He is terrific and gave great honest advice to the contestants without being demeaning. I told everyone I know I would not watch American Idol after this season with Simon leaving but now with the idea of Adam becoming a judge I would never miss it, he would bring a freshness and edge to the show that’s missing

  7. I am 63 years old and believe it or not I think Adam Lambert would be the perfect person to replace Simon. He is full of personnality, a natural performer, lots of imagination and wonderful personnality. I would even be more anxious to see the show if he were to be a judge each week, don’t know how I could be more of a fan though, since Tuesdays and Wednesdays nights are reserved for idol. Love the idea, hope it comes together.

  8. That is the worst idea I have eve heard of. Adam is very polarizing. You like him or you dislike him (hate is kind of a strong term.)I would think that many of the people who didn’t care for him on the show will quit watching all together. I liked him on the show, but since the day it was over he has said and sone some very rude things. and I am NOT talking about the AMA performance.

  9. Adam to replace Simon are you CRAZY!!!! Can you say lawsuit!!!! Because you know that he will not be able to keep his mouth shut and his hands off of some young male singer….. I will stop watching the show and I have been watching the show since it started.

  10. April 26th, 2010 at 4:04 pm
    Linda Sanders says:

    REALLY!!! Do you really think that he would be that classless and stupid?
    Furthermore, I’ve read and watched everything in every magazine and on youtube, and I’ve never detected a rude comment. I’ve never seen any one as down-to-earth, sincere, and kind as he is. What rude comments?

  11. That was a very rude comment Karen. You make him sound like a pervert. He is a very good singer & person. Everyone else has positive things to say about him, & then you add your homophobic comments. Apparently you haven’t seen him on any talk show or on tour. He has a very large fan base that defies the ages. I have never heard anything rude out of his mouth about anyone. He would give a much needed boost to the show with new,energetic & honest criticism.

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