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YouTube star Bryan Hawn talks about the pros and cons of having world’s best male booty

Bryan Hawn has made a name for himself by having a killer butt.

His YouTube videos – there are more than 250 in all – have parodied hits by Beyonce, Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert and other artists.

Many have gone viral and all have one thing in common: his amazing booty.

Hawn is enjoying his internet fame but confesses that there can be a down side to having a much-admired ass.

‘I’m not currently dating anybody,’ he write in a first-person column for New York Magazine.

‘I think it’s become harder to develop relationships as my internet fame has grown. I’m never sure if people are interested in me, intrigued by my stardom, or just want a piece of my ass. It’s disconcerting. I try to take things slowly.’

As a single guy, he often runs into aggressive people ‘who figure it’s fine to touch my ass, grope it, or give it a squeeze.’

Then there are those who doubt that his perfectly sculpted rear-end is even real.

‘People often accuse me of having had butt implants, which just negates all of the hard work I’ve put into my training,’ he writes.

‘I try to look at it as a compliment. But seriously, you really can’t cheat fitness. Butt implants look fake because they’re not in sync with the rest of the body. People who know about anatomy know that everything I’ve got is real.’

When he was about 23, he started working with a trainer who was a professional bodybuilder. In time, his body began to transform and in particular, his booty began to take shape.

While there have been some downsides like the aggressive butt grabbers, the implant conspiracies and a tricky dating life, Hawn admits the good outweighs the bad.

‘When packed tightly into a nice pair of jeans, a killer butt can be a very useful accoutrement,’ he writes.

‘People offer to buy me drinks. They ask about my workout routine. Some guys get annoyed when their girlfriends fixate on my backside, but once I offer to share a few fitness tips, they usually change their tune. They know their girlfriends just want something really solid to grab on to.’



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2 Remarks

  1. Maybe Bryan and Steve Grand should get together and whine about how hard it is to be gorgeous, and have people want to be with you because of your bodies. Boo Hoo…..

  2. Bryan should have chosen a better photo for the after shot in the last video. The smudges under his eyes look like dark circles and his posture makes him look like he has round shoulders. He looks much better than that.

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