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With Sonny and Will on the outs, sexy Brian arrives back on the scene on “Days of Our Lives”

Okay look, I think Sonny and Will are a wonderful couple and I hope they can work things out now that Sonny is dealing with Will’s lying and betrayal.

But as long as they have to be apart, Sonny could do a lot worse than to spend some time – and lock some lips – with sexy Brian who has wasted no time in returning to the coffee house in search of some java – and some action.

The makeout scene is at the end of these scenes. Is it just me or do Sonny and Brian have more chemistry in the making out department than Sonny and Will?


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7 Remarks

  1. I think Brian is sexy. He could make a move on me ANYTIME.

  2. Greg brian is like a new shiny toy so of course you’re gonna wanna like it but Will is the classic model, Wilson were love as to were sonny and brian are just in lust.

  3. I have never watched a soap in all my 66 years…and now I know why.You got me started on this hoping i would see a real gay love story between 2 good looking young guys and am ashamed that I have wasted so much time on this. I like your web site and will continue watching but will not watch Days anymore. Am sure you will not publish this comment but had to let you know that I and many of my friends now know why there are few soaps left on tv.

  4. Why on Earth would I not publish your comment? I welcome all comments as long as they are not rude or hateful and yours was neither :)

  5. Greg, a lot of people have commented online that Sonny and Brian should be the gay couple on Days of Our Lives.Sonny needs a strong, openly gay and proud guy like Brian to be his love interest. When I see Brian and Sonny together I feel like I am watching an adult relationship yet Will and Sonny come across as cheesy NBC after school nonsense.

  6. no is not just you, even WilSo fans think Sonny and Brian have way more chemistry than WilSon, I think BriSon should be Days official couple, they will kill it with good writing of course

  7. Brian e muito gostoso, mas ainda acho o outro muito melhor

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