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Will hopes Sonny can forgive him for not telling him he fathered Gabi’s baby on “Days of Our Lives” “

I’ve been left exhausted after each episode of Days of Our Lives lately.

I was initially dubious about the Will fathers Gabi’s baby storyline but it has really been handled well in terms of writing and the actors have been bringing their A game.

Today there are some wonderful scenes between Will and his dad, Lucas and Will and his grandmother Marlena. Gabi has been so good in recent days that I’ve wanted to reach into the screen and give her a big hug. Speaking of hugs, EJ gives Will a nice one in these scenes. Be kinda fun if they had just started making out (ha!)

Well done everyone!

Then there is Will’s scene with Sonny where he tells him he hopes he doesn’t lose him over this. You know that it’s not as much the baby Sonny is devastated by, it’s the lie.

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3 Remarks

  1. Exactly, although in time Sonny will be able to forgive Will. Right now he needs time and when he’s ready he does need to let Will explain. I can’t really feel bad for Gabi as she and Nick basically were making all the decisions in regards to the baby without giving Will a second thought. Now Nick wants to use the little bit of information he overheard against Will. Will is gonna need all the support he can get and especially from Sonny.

  2. Kudos to the make up people at Days. Will looked like he had been crying all day. It was also the best I’ve seen Chandler Massey act. He excels at sad and brooding.

  3. LK, I agree exactly! When “someone” eavesdropped on Gabi and Carter, it became the beginning of the end of his relationship. Now, the jerk is lurking in the shadows doing the exact same thing that Chad did to him and Gabi. He has lost his job, his future, probably the baby if nosy Sami has anything to do with it. Now what will he do with this hearsay? Ruin more lives, that is to be sure. I truly hope Sonny and Will can work this out; he was confused as to his sexuality even before he ever initiated a kiss on Sonny.

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