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“Will & Grace” Wednesdays debuts with a Neil Patrick Harris guest spot as an “ex-gay” group leader 1998 to 2006, we were entertained by the exploits of Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen Walker and Jack McFarland.

They were a hilarious quartet who gave us so many great memories and that’s why Will & Grace Wednesday is now a weekly feature here on Greg In Hollywood (Classic Movie Wednesday now becomes a rotating feature).

Our debut clip features a guest star who has made quite a splash since his appearance on the show: Neil Patrick Harris! He plays an ex-gay who Jack (Sean Hayes) has such a crush on that he’s willing to act formerly gay in order to score.

Both actors are now openly gay which makes their scenes together even more fun.

BTW, Neil’s guest spot on Glee airs next week and looks delicious. Until then, let’s enjoy this:

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  1. I was never a huge fan of Will & Grace, but I’m starting to realize just how “meh” it actually was.

    In the first episode, Grace actually asks Will if her breasts do anything for him. They’re already like 30 at this point. Then there was Jack always calling Will fat throughout the entire series. The characters were just kind of pathetic.

    Watching Modern Family where all the characters really care about each other makes me realize how unpleasant it was watching the four main characters on Will & Grace constantly being horrible to each other.
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