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Why the heck are Chelsea Handler and Andy Cohen defending Kevin Hart in his Oscar debacle?

I find this annoying. Kevin Hart had an opportunity to properly apologize for homophobic tweets made in his past and blew it. Could not get out of his own way. Just did not get it. It cost him the Oscars gig. To hear Chelsea Handler casually defend him is one thing but watch Andy Cohen in this clip. I’m very disappointed. Very.

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  1. I think people are entitled to their own opinions. I will say, however, that Netflix recently debuted a new Kevin Hart and the trailer kept playing everytime I opened it on my computer. It came up because I’ve watched at least two other Kevin Hart specials on Netflix prior to seeing that routine about beating up his child for being gay, so I understand that. But I finally figured out how to thumbs down it or something so I’d never have to see the trailer again. I have no interest whatsoever in seeing or hearing anything from him again.

    As for the clip, I get what Chelsea is saying. Don’t agree with her, but I get what she’s saying. But in all honesty, I’ve always thought Andy Cohen was an annoying wart, and he’s never done anything I’m aware of to convince me otherwise.

  2. As someone whose perspective has grown (not like there is nothing left to learn, on the contrary) now I understand that people learn and change and understand but only after an open hand (and not a fist) is given. I repeat: I don’t like seeing what I saw in my youth when I felt compelled to fake being straight or liking women to avoid shame (and other things), but this time against people who simply made use of “cultural artifacts” in their times and were not really ill intended and now it’s like many demand a kind of conversion lest they are shamed publicly.

    One thing is giving such a chance (to learn, to change and to understand) and another is asking for submission while calling them “due apologies”. One thing is questioning the past, another is going on a hunt to find some currently-out-of-touch joke or expression to demand humiliation and defeat under the guise of saying sorry (and so many fake ones have been given already). With hubris, with the pride of the victor, with a thirst for revenge for past harms and going after peoples jobs, etc. one does not achieve social evolution but resentment and even a backlash. Because if we pretend that we (and only us) exist (“we” being those who believe to “know” of a certain truth) and anyone who doesn’t conform with our ideas does not exist, then it will happen what already happened: that (for example) we didn’t see that Trump could win and we may keep falling into the blindness of an echo chamber, surrounded by an outrage-culture who will never we satisfied with any amount of apologies anyone gives (because there will always someone who will advocate even more extreme acts of constrictions for the most futile stupid mistakes or jokes or whatever that DOES NOT constitute a normative crime under the law).

    Some public figures and gay personalities have already realized and that’s why they are going against this tendency to subject others to Salem Witch Trials.

  3. I’m not surprised by this Hollywood will defend its own.

  4. April 13th, 2019 at 8:26 am
    David Hobson says:

    I never heard any blow back for the Academy’s backhand slap at us during the actual telecast. The opening montage of films featured 3 clips of Kevin Hart films. It was their way of saying- ‘well, we bowed to the fags because they’re our biggest fans base, but we can’t stand the bastards!’

    As for Cohen- ANYONE surprised he’d take a celebs’ side over his own needs to be slapped in the face. Cohen has a show to book- and big stars to appease. Plus- a reputation as one of the world’s biggest douchebags is tough to maintain.

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