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Why did Caitlyn Jenner go pee inside Trump Tower?

I Am Cait may have already wrapped up its second season but Caitlyn Jenner still has the cameras on her.

Jenner, 66, posted a video on social media Wednesday (27 April) in which she put to the test Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s recent remark that Jenner and other trans people could use the restroom of the gender of which they identify at any of the Trump-owned properties.

‘Last week Donald Trump said I could take a pee anywhere in a Trump facility,’ Jenner said as she walked up to Trump International Hotel And Tower in New York City.

‘So, I am going to go take a pee in the ladies room.’

A camera follows Jenner as she walks into the building and asks for directions to the ladies room. She is directed without incident and enters the room with a ‘W’ on the door.

As she emerges she says to the camera: ‘Thank you Donald, I really appreciate it. And by the way Ted (Cruz), nobody got molested.’

Trump had said there is no need to have transgender-specific toilets because ‘that would be discriminatory’ and ‘unbelievably expensive for businesses and for the country.’

Cruz, the US Senator from Texas trying to thwart Trump’s presidential run, had his campaign quickly create a television ad taking Trump to task essentially for not being transphobic.

Trump had been speaking in the context of North Carolina’s HB2 which bans transgender people from using the bathroom of their gender identification.

States the Cruz ad: ‘Should a grown man pretending to be a woman be allowed to use the women’s restroom? The same restroom used by your daughter? And your wife? Donald Trump thinks so. It’s not appropriate and it’s not safe. It’s PC nonsense that’s destroying America. Donald Trump won’t take on the PC police. He’s one of them.’

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9 Remarks

  1. Decent PR stunt I suppose but the reality is come November Republican hypocrite Caitlyn Jenner will vote for the GOP. Because money is more important that civil rights and equality under the law.

  2. “As she emerges she says to the camera: ‘Thank you Donald, I really appreciate it. And by the way Ted (Cruz), nobody got molested.’”

    - BRILLIANT! Applause!!

  3. @Paul-how is it brilliant when she’s going to vote for either Cruz or Trump in the general election?

  4. April 28th, 2016 at 8:52 am
    K. Martinez says:

    @FAEN – It’s a brilliant moment. People have them regardless of their political affiliation. She was just proving a point that the fear is unfounded.

  5. @K Martinez-a brilliant moment that means nothing since she will still vote for the party that’s pushing HB 2 and similar laws throughout the country.

    In addition Caitlyn is well known and because of her privledge the likelihood of her getting harassed is minuscule. The same cannot be said for the trans men and women who ARE harassed and physically harmed because they appear to be LGBT. In rural parts of NC it’s become open season.

    I’ll give Caitlyn some credit for what she did but until she understands how homophobic and transphobic the party she votes for truly is nothing she does even with the best of intentions will make a difference.

  6. I love the comment she made to Cruz! LOL

  7. So Caitlyn is supporting Donald Trump because he allowed her to use the bathroom so in her head that makes him accepting of Trans Rights but just not Gay Rights…and this is exactly why the “T” from LGBT needs to be dropped. Caitlyn is using Donald Trump to say to the American people see he really isn’t a bad guy and you can support him. I feel like Caitlyn is trying to get more people to vote republican by showing them how progressive a person like Donald Trump can be.

    This is going along with her ignorant thinking of republicans will come around eventually so that’s why we should vote for them.

  8. @Larry-Caitlyn is an outlier and does not represent the majority of the trans community. As we in the gay community have gained more acceptance and political clout it is our responsibility to stand by our trans brothers and sisters not abandon them.

  9. @Joe-But if Cruz somehow wins the GOP nomination she will still vote for him.

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