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Why Caitlyn Jenner is finally done with Donald Trump

When Caitlyn Jenner ran into Donald Trump during inauguration weekend in January, the new US President suggested the two play golf sometime.

‘At that time I thought it was a pretty good idea,’ Jenner tells Diane Sawyer in a new ABC News interview.

But Jenner, a Republican who voted to put Trump in office, has now cooled on the controversial president.

‘Since Title IX, it’s not a good idea. And so I won’t be playing golf with him,’ Jenner says.

The Trump administration In February withdrew guidelines issued by the Obama administration last year to protect transgender students – in schools and colleges – from discrimination and to ensure they had access to the bathrooms and other facilities of their choice.

The guidance that was withdrawn said that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 applied to discrimination based on gender identity, not just gender.

‘Here’s the deal, yes, I did vote for Trump, but here’s the deal breaker with the Republican party… You mess with my community, you do the wrong thing with our community, you don’t give us equality and a fair shot, I’m coming after you,’ Jenner said.

‘When it comes to all equality issues, for the entire LGBT community, what we need is federal guidance,’ she added. ‘I’m trying to get the Republican party to make a change.’

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11 Remarks

  1. Translation: “Now that it affects me personally it’s a big deal.”

  2. Caitlyn people tried to warn you that Trump was lying about wanting to protect the LGBT community but you chose to not listen. Instead, you still voted for a man who wants to take people’s rights away. It doesn’t matter who you are but especially if your middle class, elder, disabled, LGBT and women. The list could go on. If you want the community to take you seriously then start showing it through actions instead of words.

  3. April 22nd, 2017 at 3:12 am
    Ed Meiller says:

    It really doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been done with Trump AND Caitlyn for a long time.

  4. Too little – too late.

  5. How stupid is she? Why would she think that Trump was wanting to protect the LGBT community when the rest of the Republican community was more than ready to throw us under the bus. She is just an idiot. She carries no power with the Rupublicans as far as I can see.

  6. First, you’re an utter moron. Second, you truly do not represent the gay community in any regard so quit saying “my people.” So, your faux tepid approach toward Neon Hitler now is laughable. The only person who didn’t know you were making a big mistake was YOU. Now you and people like you who voted for this unhinged maniac are responsible for how he’s tearing our country apart to the point it’s becoming unrecognizable. Oh yeah, and just because you’re rich and live a lavish lifestyle doesn’t mean you won’t be affected by WWIII. What an idiot. If don the con called you for a golf game, you’d break your f’ing neck to get there. Anything for attention. Anything.

  7. Trump wanted nothing to do with LGBT, not then and not know. He is a true ass and only cares about himself.

  8. Caitlyn Jenner is a hypocrite of the highest order. No one is interested in her ridiculous and disingenuous ideas. She is just part of the Kardashian “let’s get rich for doing nothing” clan. Her accomplishments happened a LONG time ago and she’s been sitting on her laurels the whole time. She supported a racist, misogynist megalomaniacal billionaire. She made her bed, let her lie in it.

  9. April 22nd, 2017 at 5:42 pm
    K. Martinez says:

    “she added. ‘I’m trying to get the Republican party to make a change.’”

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Good luck, Caitlyn.

  10. Why do I get the feeling that Caitlyn’s previous support, and now attack, on the Republicans is all about her. Whatever keeps her in the spotlight she’ll say and do. Next..!!!!!!

  11. NOW a warning?

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