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“White Collar” star Matt Bomer kissing pic [Update]

Matt Bomer is the star of one of the fall season’s highest-rated and critically praised new shows: White Collar on USA network.

He also happens to be a fine actor and one of the best looking men currently walking the Earth.

This next part is a little tricky because I don’t believe in outing people and think any gay person has the absolute right to come out on their own terms. But photos are photos and there was one of Mr. Bomer kissing another man posted on this and other sites yesterday.

So why is it gone now?

The photo is several years old and since the actor is out and in a committed relationship, I’ve decided to take it down. The request was made very politely by Bomer through friends.

It would be great if he were to decide to be more open like Luke Macfarlane, Neil Patrick Harris, B.D. Wong, T.R. Knight, John Barrowman, Bryan Batt and Jesse Tyler Fergeson, all openly gay actors starring in hit television shows playing gay or straight characters.

The choice of how much to discuss and when is up to him. I wish Matt well personally and professionally.

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40 Remarks

  1. And don’t forget Scott Evans and Nicholas Rodriguez on One Life to Live!

    The stuff about Bomer being gay was first posted 2 days ago, has spread to “reputable” websites such as MTV and Bomer’s not issued a denial, so I’m going to assume it’s true.

  2. Which one is supposed to be Matthew? I can’t really tell. The facial structure on the one on the left might be him but the sideburns on the one on the right match his current hairstyle. Are there more pics leading up to the kiss?

  3. Interesting, Greg, how you-know-who (P.H. Not of the hotel family) posted about Matthew a few days ago, and Ted Casablanca from E-Online also made reference to Matthew as well and now your post! Woohoo for our side if this is indeed true.

  4. That’s kind of you to take the pic down. Luckily I saved it!

  5. I agree with arlo.
    It’s really nice of you to take it down and respect his privacy.

    But whatever his sexuality is, I’ll never stop loving and fantasizing about him! hehehe. :D

  6. TR Knight never was able to pull off being a straight character. Advertising what is your sexual preference is self indulgent. Expecting people to stand as a block of sexuality, only serves to keep the gay community at odds with the rest.

  7. “Advertising what is your sexual preference is self indulgent.”

    Would you say that about straight people who mention that they are married to someone of the opposite sex? You’re just a self-hating piece of crap who thinks that homosexuality should be treated like a dirty secret. People like you make me sick. Straight people don’t hide the fact that they are straight, so gay people shouldn’t hide the fact that they are gay. And TR hardly “advertised” his sexuality, dumbass, he came out because he was outed by Isaiah Washington. And anyone who has seen him on the stage will tell you he can play a straight character just fine.

  8. Awww, I don’t care what he is. He’s cute and I love the show.

  9. “Sexual preference” is, to me, an offensive term used by heterosexists. “Preference” implies that one would rather have one thing over another, but the other would do. I myself _prefer_ vanilla ice cream to chocolate ice cream, but I’ll eat chocolate ice cream if there’s no vanilla available and that’s what’s being served.

    The notion that being gay is a “preference” really ticks me off something fierce. You’d never hear a heterosexual man saying he “prefers” women to men sexually — implying that he’d have sex with a man if having sex with a woman weren’t an option.

    As for me, I’m gay — exclusively. I’m 57 and I’ve never had sex with a woman and I can assure you I have no interest in it. Being gay is in no way a “sexual preference” in my experience. It’s my sexual orientation.

    So, Josh’s comment is telling in more than one way. Let’s face it. Heterosexuals blatantly advertise their sexual orientations all the time. They wear wedding rings on their left hands. They have photos of their husbands or wives and their kids on their office credenzas or cubicle walls. They talk about what they do at home with their spouses and kids and make no effort to hide their spouses’ genders when they talk so openly. In Hollywood, every time an actor of either gender shows up on the red carpet prior to an awards show, they are escorted openly by their husbands or wives.

    T.R. Knight on “Gray’s Anatomy” did a perfectly fine job of portraying a straight character and I consider him a topnotch actor. He didn’t call some press conference to say “I am gay.” Nor was he hiding it. When circumstances made his sexual orientation public, all he did was tell the truth.

    I know heterosexist drivel when I read it or hear it. Using “sexual preference” as terminology coupled with the notion that there’s something self-indulgent about living your life honestly and openly as a gay man or lesbian women is an obvious display of selfish bigotry on the part of a heterosexual as I could possibly imagine.

  10. Good heavens, he’s gorgeous and by all accounts a really decent human being. That’s what the focus should be on, not that he’s (OH MY GOD!) gay. Get over it. LOVE the show (mainly because of his character). It’s his job to keep us entertained, not ours to judge him!! Good luck Matt.

  11. Gay … Straight … Who cares?
    Matt is fabulous. That’s ALL that matters.

  12. Agree with Michelle! He is fabulous and we can all fantasize. Good actor, enjoyed him back on GL. Everyone should be allowed a private life.

  13. we shouldn’t be worrying if he’s gay or not! we should be wanting his nude pics, his dick pics, a sex video of him, and a chance to have sex with him because he is so hot!

  14. **Sigh** hes sooo hot.. I really hope hes NOT gay!

  15. Maybe that picture is a fake, who know, someone is jealous because Mr. Bomer is handsome!

  16. July 2nd, 2010 at 7:57 am
    mary althene says:

    Jonathan Groff too! i still love him even he’s gay!

    maybe he thinks he’s career will go down if he opens. but no! didn’t happen to jonathan or neil patrick! they’re even greater successful actors! btw, totally love the stinson on himym! ^-^

    so even if you are gay, which i know you are even though you’re not telling, it’s okay ’cause we, your true fans, will still love you

  17. agree with AL may be pic is fake….but he is a good actor and i m fond of him

  18. Well i think he is a great Actor, handsome and extremely talented. We should have more Gay and Bi actors out there

  19. Bummer !! What a waste

  20. He looks quite different in the pics. Either way, they were sweet! Gay, straight, bi…whatever. We will all still love Mister Bomer – he’s a great actor, and a very handsome man! I must admit though, as a gay-lady, I squeed a bit when I read the gay rumour articles and saw the pictures, but his personal life is just that, personal; and must be respected. Lovely for you to take the pics down.

  21. Gay? Staight? Does it really matter? If he is good on him, and I applaud him for being an actual PRIVATE celeb, confirming or denying this rumor or truth would just cause many media intrusions (something most celebs complain about). If he isn’t, then good for him. Either way I’m still gonna say he’s hot, I love his work, and if he is gay, he’s proof you can pull off straight.

  22. I don’t care about Matt Bomer’s private life. When I watch white collar I am watching the character Neil Caffrey.

  23. I don’t care if he is gay or straight or whatever…

    It’s not like I will ever have a shot at meeting him in real life, anyway (although I wish!).

    But I do know he is FINE. It’s nice to get a brand new face to lust after, and he doesn’t look like all the others. I wish him a long, great career.

    Did I mention he is FINE?!

  24. Gay or not he’s such a great actor. Anything else about his personal life is just that, HIS personal life.

    If he is straight or gay and want or not the public opinion to know it depends on what he wants. So let’s let it be.

    And I’d like to add to your list, Sir Ian Mckellen, what a wonderful actor he is.

  25. Matt Bomer is a great actor and not only that but he’s gorgeous too.Being said that,I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with him because he’s gay! I really don’t have anything against that,I am not an homophobic person,I respect people,and if he’s happy being the way he is,who am I to judge?
    I know something for sure: My love and respect for him are not gonna change!

  26. Who cares who he sleeps with???

    He is great looking and a fantastic actor.

    Do you think he cares who you sleep with you silly people???

  27. Wow ! Lucky his boyfriend .z
    He’s sooo fucking handsome !!!
    The most cute man in Hollywood!
    My endless love !!


  29. Saw him last night on the Kennedy Center Honors where he sang…his voice was awesome. He’s such a talented young man. Leave him alone!!!

  30. His personal life is his own. One day I wish to met him. Very good actor. Keep doing a good job and keep your personal live private.

  31. Matthew Bomer. Hot. Did you see him on “Ellen” yesterday? Watching that just affirmed my thought that he should play Superman in the next big screen movie (if Brandon Routh is not asked to return). Brandon was great as Superman and I think Matthew Bomer could pull it off also. They both have that charm that Clark Kent needs and the stature that is needed for Superman. Good luck to both.

  32. Dont go by what the world says. Go by what you know is right and pleasing to God

  33. @Al- yes, maybe someone IS jealous-he gives enough reason to be jealous-he’s handsome,a wonderful person & a successful actor; OR, it may be a mistake,- but what’s in it for the person who posted the pics???

  34. January 25th, 2011 at 11:47 pm
    Karina Itzel says:

    You know what that guy doesnt even really look like him, well I mean it does but there is still a chance that its someone else who happens to look like him. Come on think about it there are a lot of look alikes in thos world. And you guys need to just leave him alone, let him live his life in peace, he’s not spreading rumors about you, now is he. So leave him alone. Let him say his side of the story, if there really is a story. I meanif he says he’s straight then he’s straight, I think he knows what he likes. I LOVE U MATT!!!!! I wish you the best and people are dumb don’t listen to them,YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU LIKE. God bless. :)


  36. none of those other guys can or will ever be sex symbols point blank period…chubby doctor dude and yeah neil is a silly sitcom parody of the alpha male and they’re both great at it but the reason those dudes came out is cause they know they’ll never be the sexy leading man, they’re tv stars they’ll most likely never be in film or have to worry about middle america swooning over them so who cares and matt bomer, and the kyle xy dude and all the ZILLIONS of other gay dudes who are actors actually have a shot at being say the next tom cruise? ring a bell…whatever don’t hate on them…as long as they don’t bash the gay community or do anything hypocritical then so be it, entertain us that’s all we care about

  37. I guess I don’t have good gaydar. I never knew he was gay. I don’t care that he is. Matt boomer is extremely sexy. I want to fuck him.

  38. June 30th, 2011 at 7:24 am
    whocares??? says:

    Whether he’s gay or straight it doesnt matter.Maybe he was kissing a manly-looking woman. Who cares about who he sleeps with or is kissing?? All that matters is that he is sexy and that wil never change.

  39. so what if he is gay or straight….he is a very good actor….n I appreciate his acting very much….
    he has got a very powerful heroic face, he’s just perfect for any acting n he’s gonna go a long way for sure…
    n I’m just eagerly waiting for the 3rd season of ‘White Collar’….

  40. Why don’t you losers get a life and stop obsessing over someone elses. How pathetic

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