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Wentworth Miller talks his role on “The Flash”

My pal Jim Halterman has interviewed Wentworth Miller for The Backlot about his role on The CW’s The Flash.

Great to see the former Prison Break star back in series television – especially since he does so as an openly gay man in real. life.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

I may be guilty of having done the ‘gay gasp’ when I heard you were playing Cold. What’s the reaction been that you’re aware of about your part in the show?

WM: Couldn’t tell you. I don’t read entertainment journalism and I’m not online scrolling through the comments. I hope I’m well-received. But that’s not up to me. So I’m not losing sleep over it. One of my acting coaches told me, “You cannot give people what they want. You can only give them what you do. If what you do is what they want, you’re in business. If it’s not… move on.”

There are so many gay characters on TV now, even more so than when Prison Break was on the air. What do you make of where we’re at when even a show like The Flash will have gay characters??

WM: Obviously it’s important for folks in the LGBT community – kids especially – to see themselves reflected onscreen. I can remember watching Melrose Place in college and paying special attention to the Matt Fielding character. Did that help ease the pain of coming out? No. Did I squirm a little wondering if my friends who were watching the show with me were connecting me to Matt? Yes. I also knew the actor (Doug Savant) was straight. But I did appreciate seeing some evidence that Hollywood was willing to tell Matt’s story. It wasn’t my story, but I felt a connection. Some representation. We’ve come a long way since then and I’m sure we’ll go a long way still.

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