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Wednesday Morning Man: Sean Lowe!

I’ve made clear that I think shows like The Bachelor are a ridiculous way to try and find your life partner.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t tune in every now and then to check out the guy candy!

And boy, there will be some seriously delicious guy candy on the next edition of the ABC show which returns to the air in January.

His name is Sean Lowe!

Sean was on The Bachelorette in the spring and made it to the top three before being eliminated by Emily Maynard. He made quite an impression on viewers like me with his charm, good looks and killer body.

He’s a businessman and entrepreneur from Dallas. He was born and raised in Irving, Texas, and attended Kansas State University on a full scholarship. He was a linebacker for the football team and graduated in 2006.

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6 Remarks

  1. NOM et al always talk about the sanctity of marriage and how GLBT’ will destroy it yet they remain mum on shows where you find your ‘true love’ on television. Rank hypocrisy.

  2. Wow…What a hottie! But don’t think he’s going help the ratings.

  3. Handsome, nice, intelligent, witty, and smokin’ hot….not a bad combination.

    I agree these shows are pretty lame, but it’s hard not to watch for all the cute men! LOL

  4. She dumped him cause when she met him for the hometown date he suprised her by showing her his messed up bedroom in his PARENTS CASA. Seems at 29 he has never bothered to move out. Kind of freaked her out since she had been on her own since 17 and even had a kid and her own house. There was no way she was going to “Make Out” with him in his parents house. She could not figure out why this mamas boy, such a “successful entrepreneur”, was not out on his own. Why should she live with his parents when Jef had his own 200 acre ranch in Utah.

  5. You do not see a build like that in the last picture that often. Truly can be called awesome!

  6. He is beautiful.

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