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Wednesday Morning Man: Carter Oosterhouse! was gabbing with my old pal Hope Hamashige last night about her gig at HGTV and it reminded me of the time I met the dreamy Carter Oosterhouse, the host of Carter Can as well as Red, Hot and Green.

If the handsome Carter had not become such a handyman extraordinaire on TLC’s Trading Places before moving on to his own home improvement show, he could have been a full-time model – although that probably would have been pretty boring for a guy who likes to work with his hands.

“Someone said the other day, ‘You look like a model,’” Carter said when we met. “I was like, ‘Dude, I am not a model, I’m a carpenter.’”

On HGTV’s Carter Can, the 32-year-old Oosterhouse has the chance to show off his carpentry skills to a national audience.

“It’s a blast,” he said of the gig. “Being on a show, being able to rebuild and help people in their homes and being able to get the feedback instantly from fans all over the U.S. I work with the exact same things people are dealing with every day and re-purposing and re-doing things for their homes. When they see what you’re doing and they like it, it’s a great feeling.”

The idea is “not to just put color on the walls but the idea is to construct. We’re able to get in there and actually move walls around and make the house what they really want. People don’t want to leave their homes, they love their homes. But maybe they want it a little different and that’s what we do.”

Carter’s older brothers, Todd and Tyler, are also carpenters and he told me  there is still a bit of sibling rivalry among them. He knows though, that he has landed a dream job being able to ply his trade on television.

“It’s great, going to different places to do this,” he said. “You’re able to build this great piece of furniture and then you’re able to leave it in a different part of the U.S. There’s something kinda cool about that.”

Is he surprised at how popular home improvement shows are these days?

“There’s always mindless entertainment and then there’s entertainment that’s almost mindless,” he explained. “But with us, people can learn stuff. They can sit back and relax and watch how to do this and how to do that.”

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  1. Greg, Another great choice. Love watching Carter. The producers on HGTV are no fools-they know their viewers and load the shows with lots of eye candy.

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