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WATCH: When Samantha Jones literally fed a heartbroken Carrie Bradshaw breakfast in Mexico

As a HUGE fan of the Sex and the City franchise, I am really bothered by the ugliness of this morning and Kim Cattrall’s horrendous Instagram attack on Sarah Jessica Parker. It made me think back to the first Sex and the City movie and that tender scene when Carrie was in her ‘Mexicoma’ and Samantha literally spoon fed her breakfast. Hard to believe the two women in this scene (just past the 3 minute mark) loathed each other. I’m going to remember their relationship this way because it was magic. Not the horrible way a grieving Kim acted today.

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  1. I agree. I just don’t understand the anger from a woman who was made rich and famous by a successful franchise. What about just showing up, doing your job and going home to your real life like the rest of us? I’m more than ready for A third motion picture—one that opens with a funeral.

  2. We don’t know the real story between those two ladies – there are two sides. Kim has lost her brother – let’s not judge her right now and the comment by Jim Steele, tacky with a funeral scene comment.

  3. Good God! It’s just actors portraying fictional characters, not real life relationships.

    You’d think Kim Cattrell committed some major crime the way this article is presented. We don’t know what’s going on in her head and heart with the loss of her sibling. That’s got to be pretty rough.

  4. Wow. Interesting how you included Sarah’s endless quotes but left out Kim’s reference to the NYP article about Sarah “inside the mean girls culture that destroyed sex and the city” I love reading your site but your consistent siding with SJP is a little bit tiring. It seems obvious to everyone else where the mud comes from but somehow you always find a way to prop up SJP as the victim. You more then anyone shouldn’t be showing your favouritism in such a blatant way – you need to stop listening to the SJP PR machine. If you need to throw shade at KC every time poor Sarah doesn’t get the “she’s so sweet” accolades she wants, how about not saying anything at all Instead of adding fuel to the fire.

  5. I’ve always loved SJP, and honestly didn’t know about this current situation, but when I saw that post on Instagram, yesterday by Kim, it just rang true. Perhaps because she is often low key and stays out of the lime light. I think it was just the last straw and she lost it.

  6. Damn. See you next Tuesday!

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