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WATCH: Ronan Farrow lists “incredibly brave sources” as he accepts award from The Hollywood Reporter

On Wednesday, Ronan Farrow received the Equity in Entertainment Award at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment 2019 for his journalistic work against gender-based discrimination. In his acceptance speech, he lists a large number of his “incredibly brave sources” by name and also thanks his sister, Dylan, and his mother Mia Farrow.


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2 Remarks

  1. Watch that video (something stupid) above this article and tell me that Frank Sinatra is not Ronan’s father.

  2. Hi Greg, Ronan is one very beautiful man. Is he playing to his strengths? He’d surely crack it as an actor?

    It is also said that a man’s thumbs are reflective of, you know, the size of his junk. It is known that Sinatra was thus well blessed. A biography of Ava Gardner began with a recall of a drunken dinner on the set of ‘Mogambo’ out in Kenya in the 1950s. One of the men at the table, in his cups, somewat rudely asked the actress: “So Ava, what can you tell us about that 120-pound runt you are married to?”

    Ava, herself ten sheets to the wind, replied: “Lemme tell you, sonnyboy, Frank is 10 pounds of runt and a 110 pounds of cock!”

    Ronan has big thumbs. Gee, he sure don’t look nothin’ like Woody? I guess we’ll go on speculating. Either way, he’s a beautiful specimen of the male species. He’s wasted as a hack, don’t you agree, guys? I’d star him in a slow-burn, sultry, seductive gay love story ant day.
    Marry me, Ronan!
    Love from Vernon in Johannesburg.

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