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WATCH: Mary Wilson talking about fellow Supreme Diana Ross in interviews from 1986 through 2017

I’ve long had a fascination with the Supremes and was bitterly disappointed back in 2000 when a proposed reunion tour did not happen.

It was the final nail in the coffin in the relationship between Mary Wilson and Diana Ross who founded the group with their childhood friend Florence Ballard.

In this series of interviews spanning 1986 through 2017, Miss Wilson talks about her life as a Supreme, about Dreamgirls, about Miss Ross and their various falling outs.

I find her disingenuous in some interviews as she talks about things like the Motown 25 special where she and Diana badly clashed – something she detailed in her book quite differently. And I still think it’s a pity she didn’t do that last opportunity to tour. It would’ve meant so much to the fans to see Diana, Mary, and Flo Ballard’s replacement Cindy Birdsong together again.

Now, it will never happen.

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4 Remarks

  1. I don’t blame her for being bitter. She was technically a better singer when younger. (Even more recently she had a better voice, but that may have changed in the past couple of years.) She wasn’t as good of an entertainer, I think ego plays into that. All the best entertainers have something of an ego to be honest.

    I think Diana tends to think she did it all solo an was the “star” outright. She was the star because of connections. Any of the women could have been “the” star if Gordy had pulled them to the front. They were all talented.

    It’s unfortunate that egos get in the way of friendships and careers in many cases. No one really wins in the end.

  2. August 12th, 2018 at 7:31 pm
    Trippy Trellis says:

    Mary, who lost her love so true, was always my favorite Supreme.

  3. Fifty years ago, these women, were young ladies, all happy to be given a break. All wanting to be somebody. Barry gave them all a chance. Barry has said, he saw something in Diana Ross, that the others did not have. She wanted it more than the others. She simply worked harder and was willing to do anything, and she had drive. You guys that want to try to rewrite your own personal history, as to what happened, if you all want to, but anyone with any eyes, a brain, and common sense, know who had the Star Power. Diana Ross figuratively was the Queen of Motown. The woman that built Motown. Her continued success after leaving Motown is a testament to her talent. The true story may never be told, however, it has been over 50 years already. Stop playing the blame game. Just be happy with what these women achieved, and brought to the world, the world of entertainment, and Black People. They brought all of us a sense of pride enjoyment. Thank you, Supremes. All of you ladies that were Supremes.

  4. I love that we at least have that short video segment, including the photo still above, of Diana and Mary together onstage at the Motown musical opening. I’ve read people viewing and interpreting the pic as the two of them steeling tightened, insincere smiles. I disagree–despite everything, I see the two of them, in their faces, eyes and smiles, secretly being excited at being next to each other onstage for the first time in literally over 3 decades, and realizing in that moment how special that they and their group’s achievements, –a major accomplishment weaving itself through the entire musical–truly were. And they and we always have those memories that can’t be reversed or taken away.

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