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WATCH: Kathy Griffin takes on TMZ’s Harvey Levin, Andy Cohen and more in new scorched Earth video

Andy Cohen’s little interview with TMZ has unleashed Kathy Griffin. In this new video, she accuses Cohen of offering her cocaine before her two guest appearances on Watch What Happens Live and she calls Harvey Levin the gay male version of Kellyanne Conway. She claims Levin pulled her aside ‘and tried to brainwash me into becoming a Trump fan.’ ‘I tried to say,
‘Harvey, you’re a gay guy. You think Trump gives a shit about YOU?” She gives Levin’s private phone number out. ‘I’m out of fucks to give,’ She also takes on CNN head Jeff Zucker and shares about the time she called him crying and begged for her New Year’s Eve gig. She was re-hired at 20% less salary. UPDATE: Andy Cohen replies with this tweet:

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  1. Kathy, you are my hero! As a gay man, I admire you for who you are and what you stand for. As far as I’m concerned, you did nothing wrong! I’m proud of you and am sorry for what you are going through. I love you and keep doing what you’re doing. We need more people like you in this world. And yeah, all those phonies can go FUCK THEMSELVES!

  2. October 28th, 2017 at 12:32 pm
    Paul Gilbert says:

    Dear Kathy, I hate you. You shit in your own bed, now lie in it.

  3. Good work Kathy everyone knows Andy is on way more drugs that his love for weed


  5. Kellyanne Conway looks like Skeletor’s sister (that’s being kind) and Mike Pence is a dead ringer from the cartoon He-man, Harvey you might want to take note.
    Kathy you might want to pull in the rains on yourself, it’s stating to look like you took too much of whatever drugs your talking about.

  6. I have loved Kathy since the first time I saw her; much like what happened when I first saw Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett, and I could go on. I knew when I saw the picture that you’d be dragged through the coals, but at least you found out who you can trust and who are your TRUE friends. Glad you’re touring, thanks for speaking out, and for your honesty. Stay strong. If anyone can weather the current storm, it’s you, Kathy. Andy Cohen disgusts me. He, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Harrison, and Harvey Levin are responsible for the absolute WORST television has to offer. Levin’s infatuation with Neon Hitler is laughable; extremely noticeable and laughable.

  7. I’m Always Team Kathy. Love Maggie too!!!!!!

    Keep speaking up and speaking out. Stay Strong!!

    NYE w/ Anderson & Andy? NEVER!!!!!

  8. It’s sad that Kathy has become the villain in the eyes of many but she is completely hilarious without trying.
    That entire ordeal with the photo of President Trump wouldn’t seem like something that would make her enemy #1 but wait, Janet Jackson’s boob made her a villain as well. Janet is literally on a comeback but it was unfortunate how her career was in limbo for a hot minute because she was black-balled on most media, she uninvited to many events and it got so bad that a statue of a Disney character that donned her ‘ICONIC’ Rhythm Nation attire was taken down. To this day she can’t get into the Rock and Roll hall of fame for some unapparent reason that years prior to that Janet didn’t and couldn’t do any wrong. This was all due to an incident with Justin, who didn’t suffer any backlash from The Superbowl incident but it seemed that he would prosper in a way that seems so unfair. It wasn’t until she took a stand and stop caring about all the hype that her breast would cause and start focusing on what she was born to do. It’s funny how her breast was on the screen for less than 5 seconds and there was a criminal case brought up against her at one time. Women, in general, get the short end of every stick, and that doesn’t just kind of suck but it’s tragic in so many ways. It’s crazy when ex-President who is one of THE FINEST MEN EVER, Sorry Michelle with your BEAUTIFUL–SELF but Barrack is so damn FINE would receive so many threats and images of him being slaughtered and killed would happen so much that I can’t think of a time when it wasn’t. When OBAMA was in office, there were videos of people doing worse things and saying some of the rudest, hateful and hurtful things about him and his family online that Kathy’s little photo session was so mild. Can you imagine death-threats from dusk-to-dawn and yet no one did or said anything but it was just humor, just jokes and so on. This is a country that allows hate-crimes to happen and yet the victim ends up being scrutinized like you can’t understand. Kathy please my BEAUTIFUL QUEEN, stay strong and surround yourself and have people in your corner that appreciate all that you are and do because you are amazing!!!!!!! I used to dig Andy and I thought Harvey was fairly handsome but these two kicking you when you are down, doesn’t seem too cool or something that a ‘REAL’ gay man would do to THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FAG HAG. When I go on to TMZ’s website or watch it on TV, I feel like all the scrutinize that Perez H. gets many of that should be thrown at TMZ. I know that Harvey pays top-dollar for good gossip even if it’s not fact-checked, stories that TMZ calls ‘exclusives’, and good shots/angles of celebs doing what they do whether or not it’s something they want to have out in the public or not. Andy offering the “coke” seems like ‘business as usual’ in the land of ‘broken dreams’, Hollywood. You can’t think that more ‘alleged’ clean-cut and wholesome celebrities aren’t diving in the whirlpool of drugs, prostitution and so on?!?!?

  9. Let’s make it perfectly clear Kathy Griffin is in deep doo doo, not so much for the Trump mask, but because she’s a woman, she’s a comedian and she’s always told it like it is. Joan Rivers had to face these obstacles in her career for the same reasons. Johnny Carson tried to destroy her career when she received her own talk show. She was never again asked to be on the Tonight show during his time (when she had been his de facto fill-in host for years!), or even when Jay Leno was host. It was nearly thirty years before she was a guest after Jimmy Fallon took it over.

    I’m glad Kathy has put it all out there. The entertainment business is a filthy snake pit that makes a cesspool look clean. it’s a tough business for everyone in it, but much, much worse for women. As for Andy Cohen, he’s an overage druggie fuck boy who shills mind-numbing trash reality shows. She talks about TMZ being a guilty pleasure, and it was for me for a long time. As soon as I found out Harvey Levin was a Trump supporter I stopped reading it. I guess Harvey doesn’t realize that if it weren’t for his TMZ platform, Trump/Pence would “hang” him (as Trump has put it) or put him in a concentration camp with the rest of us godless homosexuals who are responsible for every earthly calamity since the beginning of time.

  10. I stand with Kathy.

  11. October 30th, 2017 at 11:36 am
    Gaspar Marino says:

    She made a mistake and is now blaming others. She is a false friend to the gay community. I never liked her anyway and now her career is over. Say bye bye Ms. Griffin

  12. I’ve never been a big fan of hers though I was mainly indifferent.

    With that out of the way, I fully support her lately because she’s being treated unfairly. Life is unfair, I get that; but, this is beyond pale in many ways. People like T Nugent and others have done far, far worse things and received not so much as a hand slap. Draft dodging, pussy grabbing, and more are the name of the game on the right and yet there are no repercussions.

    Then, when things get rough, rather than intelligent discussion, all the left just runs away and pretends they don’t know her. It’s obvious some of these people *were* friends and now they’re all pretending it was nothing or distancing without remorse. It’s disgusting.

    So I’m fully in her corner of late. I hope she was intelligent enough to have invested some of her past earnings to at least allow her to weather this. She also needs to watch the line in tone more than message because she can come off as someone with sour grapes only rather than pointing out the hypocrisy and lack of loyalty on those around her.

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