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WATCH: Elizabeth Taylor speaks candidly about “Giant” and “A Place in the Sun” director George Stevens

Came across this on YouTube and got really mesmerized by it.

It’s Elizabeth Taylor in around 1983 (I’m guessing) talking candidly about George Stevens who directed two of her greatest films: A Place in the Sun and Giant.

Stevens, it seems, could be quite cruel.

His reaction to the death of James Dean – which occurred during production of Giant – is unbelievable: “He had it coming to him. … The way he drove, it was inevitable.”



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4 Remarks

  1. Greg, I came across this not too long ago, too. I love the fact that ET is loving, but straightforward, especially the person Elizabeth is talking to is Steven’s son, George Jr. Burton always said the thing he admired most about ET was her honesty!

    Cheers, Rick

  2. She’s wonderful, of course, but the interviewer is really terrible. It’s as if he didn’t even bother to rehearse his questions. So much stammering and hesitation and uncertainly. You can see Miss Taylor getting frustrated and trying not to show it almost before the first question he barely gets out.

  3. Thank you for the posting of Liz…Great interview…Jimmie indeed died young…Liz didn’t spill the beans of his loves…I would like to ask, in retrospect, how it was to navigate one’s sexuality during those times…I know folks did and it could be difficult…

  4. Great interview, thanks for posting it.

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