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Watch Anderson Cooper tear into Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway in CNN interview

CNN’s Anderson Cooper confronted Donald Trump’s campaign manager on Sunday asking Kellyanne Conway at one point: ‘Don’t facts matter?’

In the final days of the US presidential campaign, Cooper questioned Conway about the campaign’s handling of FBI Director James Comey and the email case involving following Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton.

Comey has said Clinton was cleared yet again of wrongdoing after Trump spent more than a week on the campaign trail saying there was explosive evidence against her.

‘Is it irresponsible if a man who might be president of the United States to speculate about something about which he has no facts?’ Cooper asked.

Replied Conway: ‘Everybody speculated for nine days.’

Cooper responded with: ‘If everybody jumped off a bridge it doesn’t mean you should jump off a bridge too?’

He added: ‘Don’t you think it’s irresponsible? Apparently you don’t. Don’t facts matter?’

When Conway tried to steer the conversation to the finances of the Clinton Foundation, Cooper shot back: ‘We know a lot more about the Clinton Foundation than we know about your candidate’s taxes. We haven’t seen anything of your candidate’s taxes. Isn’t it a little hypocritical to be using information that you know about the foundation because they actually have released their financial records, when your candidate hasn’t done that?’

When Conway guaranteed that Trump did not receive a $1 million donation from Qatar Cooper asked:
‘How do we know?’

Cooper has logged many hours in the past year anchoring CNN’s prime-time campaign coverage and had Conway on as a guest countless times.

He also co-moderated the second presidential debate and forced Trump to say whether or not he had ever been sexually aggressive with women against their will.

He said he had not which led to more than a dozen women going public with claims of such behavior.


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  1. That’s a funny photo of Conway above! LOL

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I am so HAPPY that the election is finally on the horizon! Can’t take much more of this.

  2. Finally. Jeesh.

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