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Video: Mike O’Malley talks about tonight’s episode of “Glee” that deals with death of TV stepson Finn

Tonight’s episode of Glee is called The Quarterback and it deals with the death of Cory Monteith’s character of Finn.

Mike O’Malley returns to the series for the night – he played Monteith’s stepdad on the show. The episode airs opposite the premiere of O’Malley’s NBC series Welcome to the Family.

He stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said: “Cory Monteith was a great guy, he was a terrific, terrific actor and sadly he died this summer.”

He said the episode will ‘really show the audience the love of the cast and the crew. … I’s really a remarkable episode, one of the most beautiful episodes they have ever written.”



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3 Remarks

  1. October 10th, 2013 at 11:06 pm
    RichSinPalmSprings says:

    Dear Greg:
    You are getting really sloppy lately on your articles… And this should bother you as a journalist.
    Welcome To The Family airs at 8:30pm Thursdays and Glee airs at 9pm Thursdays — so obviously O’Malley’s new show does NOT air opposite Glee. I know you’re a one-man show but your lack of accuracy is tarnishing your reputation. Either time to slow down and cut back on your late night freebies/parties and get some needed sleep or hire an editor. Best, Rick

  2. Dear Rich,
    You are getting really rude and petty lately in your comments…. And this should bother you as a human being.
    Yes, I suppose I may have made a mistake based on what the actor said. Hopefully my reputation will survive. Good thing it wasn’t an error about Syria or the government shutdown. That would REALLY be something to worry about. Best, Greg

  3. Hay man, Mr O’Malley himself said Glee airs at 8…lay off Greg, he does a fantastic job. Always exciting when his blog comes in everyday. I normally drop what I am doing on the computer and go to it when it comes in. It is a joy to read.

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