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Van Hansis talks to Soap Opera Weekly about his last episodes as Luke Snyder on “As the World Turns”

I’ve made my peace with how As the World Turns wrapped up for our Luke Snyder.

Reid has died and Noah has gone off to LA and Luke remained in Oakdale where he will work on a hospital wing in Reid’s honor.

Van Hansis, the gifted actor who played Luke up until the end, shared his thoughts with Soap Opera Weekly about the final two episodes which had him saying goodbye – for now – to Noah – then flash-forwarding a month and paying a visit to Chris who has the beating heart of Reid.

“Luke is forced to choose Luke instead of choosing somebody else,” Van says. “I think it’s important for Luke to do that, for him to come into his own. And I think it’s going to be up to the audience to interpret if Luke and Noah get back together down the road or not. It’s left up in the air. And I also think that they couldn’t kill off Reid and then have Luke run to Noah because that would be very, very detrimental to the character.” Luke’s final scene with Chris and Katie Van says: “It’s sad but I hope that even though it’s not a happy ending, there’s something in it that really connects.”

Later in the interview, he jokes that in soap opera land, anything is possible and that if the show were to continue, “maybe in a couple of weeks they’ll realize that Reid wasn’t actually dead and he had two hearts or something.”

Either that or Chris will suddenly develop feelings for Luke and not understand why: “Daniel Cosgrove (Chris) and I were joking about that because Luke’s last scene is actually really beautiful as he listens to Reid’s heart in Chris’s chest. And right before we were about to shoot it, Danny was like, ‘What if Chris just all of a sudden starts checking out Luke, and Katie’s sitting there [clueless]? That’s funny. That would be a good soap twist.”



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5 Remarks

  1. Well, who wouldn’t want to make out with Daniel Cosgrove?
    I get it that Luke is ‘finding himself’ but it does stick out like a sore thumb that Luke is the only one going solo in Oakdale.
    Even in the bonus footage on YouTube of the finale episode, Craig & Rosanna are clearly getting back together.
    I think that for the producers to not have Reid & Luke have sex before Reid had to die was a travesty, and I sure hope Luke moves to LA soon! I mean, Katie got over her love-of-her-life Brad awfully darn quick and moved on with cardboard Chris, so why can’t Luke realize he needs some more Nuking?

  2. I love this! I thought the same thing as Van and Daniel when Chris was still in the hospital after the transplant: What if Chris started “noticing” Luke now that he has Reid’s heart? A great twist indeed! A also just KNEW that, one way or another, Luke was going to have a desire to listen to Reid’s heart beating in Chris.

    In all seriousness, I agree with Van that it would’ve been inappropriate for Luke to run off with Noah to LA right after losing Reid. But, at the same time, I admit I’m bummed out that Luke is basically the only character NOT to get a happy ending.

  3. Van is really a gifted actor. He played Luke to perfection till the end of the show and that’s really Luke who touched me the most. In fact, Luke is the only character who touched me. I’m sad Luke ends the show so lonely and in pain. I came to identify with Luke and him being unhappy makes me unhappy. Van played Luke with so much beauty !! I love Van Hansis, think that he is the most amazing actor and want to watch him and his fabulous acting in another show that will give him more airtime.

  4. VAN HANSIS rocks!! Van = Phenomenal actor and amazing guy !!

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