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Tuesday Morning Man: Chris Meloni!

Let’s face it, Christopher Meloni is one of the sexiest men to ever grace a television screen.

Yes, he’s best known for his 12 years on Law & Order: SVU but any gay man with HBO knows him best from his years on the prison drama Oz.

We really got to know him through his many nude scenes and his love scenes with his male lover. Too bad he was a murderer!

In 2014, Chris appeared on Conan O’Brien’s (see video below) and shared that he’s still propositioned by gay¬† fans of Oz which ended its six-year run on HBO in 2003.

‘I like to hit the gym and that’s usually when that happens,’ the actor said.

He described to O’Brien what usually goes down: ‘It’s mostly in the showers. They lather a bit too long down in the nether-regions, never speaking… You’re doing your thing and you’re washing and you can feel the energy. Your first thought is “Really’?”‘

The attention is no doubt in part to Meloni’s celebrated derriere which he sometimes displayed on Oz. He has even shared a backside shot or two on social media.

‘There was a national vote for the best butt in prime-time,’ he explained. ‘So I just jumped in the bandwagon.’

‘It’s a little bit genetic but I’m not afraid of the dead lift or the squat,’ he added. ‘I know at some point it’s going to fall so I may as well keep Father Time at bay as long as I can.’

So far, so god.

Happy 58th birthday to Chris!

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3 Remarks

  1. Chris is DELICIOUSLY YUMMY!!!! Besides having the kind of butt you want to take a nap on because boyfriend has cakes but his smile is very warm and inviting. However, when he has that intense look on his face like something other is going in his head, it’s even sexier!!!!! “Take me now Daddy!!!!” I used to freeze-frame OZ on VHS whenever he had love-scene or the famous and sometimes ‘infamous shower scenes”. OMGoodness, I just thought of something I think his character on Oz killed hotter-than-hell ‘Brian Bloom’ (80′s heartthrob and replacement version of ‘Robbie Benson’, light eyes, dark features) while they were almost making-out. Wishing Chris many, many more happy birthdays!!!!!!


  3. Meloni looks damn good for 58!

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