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Tuesday Morning Man: Chord Overstreet!

chord-overstreet-glee-tap-320.jpg THE RIGHT CHORD: Well, he may or may not be Kurt Hummel’s new boyfriend on Glee.
But what we do know about the new character of Sam Evans is that he can play football (he’s replaced Finn as quarterback!) and he can sing (Finn spied on him belting out a rock tune in the shower).
We also know that he’s played by a talented and very cute young actor named Chord Overstreet who made his debut on the show in last week’s premiere.
And, of course, we know that Chord/Sam has big, pouty lips, something that was written into his first scenes when Puck (Mark Salling) rather tactlessly asked: “Dude, your mouth is huge. How many tennis balls can you fit in there?”

“I laughed when I read that in the script,” Overstreet tells Zap2it. “I mean, I always got compliments or comments on my lips because I do have big lips. They definitely write about the actors’ actual features, which I think is funny. It’s something everybody’s thinking and when you actually hear it on the show, it’s like ‘I can’t believe they said that.’”

The actor hails from Nashville, Tenn., and his unusual name is no accident, setting him on a musical path in life.

“My real name is Chord Overstreet,” he confirmed to Zap2It. “I actually got my name because my dad is in the music business as a songwriter. I was the third one in my family born, and there are three notes in a chord, so that’s how they came up with my name.”

Of acting on Glee he says: “It’s great working with all the cast. I really think Jane Lynch is hilarious, she’s got the best timing, she’s one of the people I was really looking forward to working with, but I was also looking forward to working with [producer/writers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan] — those guys. Each episode we get is funnier than the next. It’s all jokes and shenanigans.”

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3 Remarks

  1. Great voice
    wish he can change is hair cut :P
    but he is doing awesome job

  2. I hope he isn’t, I want Kurt to have some other type, since they would be to osimilar to me style wise, this kid really needs to lose he ‘bieb hairdo, that look only works on some…

  3. I think his hair looks fine. It makes him look younger than he really is which is good since he’s playing a teenager.

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