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Trust her on this, Lady Gaga REALLY is bisexual

Bisexuals really don’t get much respect a lot of the time.

Many people think they’re really gay but just can’t admit it or maybe some just resent the fact that someone is genuinely attracted to both genders.

Lady Gaga seems to have doubters because she identifies as bisexual. She makes clear that she is in this video taken this week at a record party in Berlin.

‘You know what? It’s not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women, and anyone that wants to twist this into “she says she’s bisexual for marketing,” this is a f***ing lie.’

Gaga added: ‘This is who I am and who I have always been.’

All I can say to the doubter is this: She’s the one who ought to know!

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  1. A thousand years ago – or actually 20, I think, since it was 1993 if I remember correctly – I was part of the March on Washington for alphabet rights. I remember we passed a group of people holding up signs like “Straight But Not Narrow” and such, and at least one of the guys with me made a joke about how they’re all gay, they just haven’t figured it out yet. It pissed me off, and I let him know it pissed me off. Maybe he didn’t think anyone that wasn’t gay could care about gay rights, but I was lucky enough to have several straight people in my life who did passionately care about justice and equality.

    This whole bi thing strikes me as more of the same BS. I asked my mom once how she could believe that her god would make people with different colored hair, eyes, skin, etc, with a myriad of different body types and personalities, and yet he would only allow one type of sexual orientation. Why would orientation be the only thing that was universal in a world that is anything but?

    And that makes me wonder, what kind of idiot thinks people are only straight or gay? Have they ever stepped outside of their parents’ basement? I can tell you right now, I’m as gay as you get when it comes to sexual attraction; I’ve never been able to have sex with a woman (and not for lack of trying). It just doesn’t work for me.

    But I know gay men who have had sex with women even though they identify completely as gay, and I’ve known bisexual men and women who seem almost oblivious to the gender of people. It’s beyond bizarre to me that anyone would actually recognize that both gay and straight people exist yet be willingly stupid enough to pretend that no one’s sexual preferences lie somewhere in between.

    It’s like the guy who snickered that any straight supporters must secretly be gay. He’s too limited and dumb to recognize that everyone isn’t like him. There are a lot of people who believe in equality that aren’t gay. And there are a lot of people who are attracted to men and women (or more accurately, to people regardless of gender) that aren’t ashamed of being called gay but aren’t actually gay only, not in the way that someone like me would define it.

  2. I am bisexual. I remember in second grade, a little girl asked the teacher about a question abut little boys. She said to her that that was how little girls felt about little boys sometimes. I remember thinking, in second grade, that I felt the same way about little boys, and little girls! That never changed. At 23, I came out as gay. Ten years later after trying to make that identification work for me, I came out as Bi. Taking that pressure off me helped to really start enjoying my sex life. It has worked for me, very happily, for almost thirty years since.

  3. Sure, why not? I’m sure she likes men and women.

    I think there are more bisexual people than 100% gay people.

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