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Tommy DiDario reflects on marrying Gio Benitez and has message for same-sex marriage haters

It’s been so beautiful seeing the photos of the weekend wedding of Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario – makes me kinda believe in love again!

Anyway, Tommy did a Facebook post today in which he reflects on the happy day which has gotten a lot of attention of social media.

Clearly not all of the attention has been positive judging from what he has to say in the second half of this post.

My favorite part is when he asks this of the haters: ‘What you did to help brighten someone’s day instead of casting ill feelings towards someone you don’t know?’

Here is his post in its entirety:

It’s hard to put into words how ecstatic I feel after saying “I Do” to the love of my life last night. Both of our families have shown nothing but acceptance, love, and support throughout our journey towards marriage and I couldn’t feel more lucky to be surrounded by two families whose hope for their children has always been to find happiness.
True love is a force that everyone deserves to feel. It’s sometimes unpredictable. You never know when it may hit, but when it does, it’s all consuming and embodying. It’s a whirlwind of an adventure, and no matter what your sexual orientation is, it’s an adventure everyone deserves to experience. The overwhelming support and love from the digital community has been so powerful to watch unfold, and has made this special time even more special. Unfortunately, some people still share the view that if you are gay, you don’t deserve to be married or feel and experience love. This rationale disgusts me. No one should strip away a human right from someone else. I’m not interested in your “religious opinion” of why people who are gay shouldn’t be allowed the human right to get married. I’m not interested in why you believe marriage is between a man and a woman. What I am interested in is what you did today to lift someone up, to show compassion towards someone who may need it, or what you did to help brighten someone’s day instead of casting ill feelings towards someone you don’t know. Let’s spend more time celebrating each other’s differences and maybe that will open yourself up to finding a bit more happiness within yourself.

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3 Remarks

  1. Congratulations Gio and Tommy – Whishing all the love and happiness in the world ❤️

  2. It is sad that some people are and think that way about Gay marriage, That will change in due time, To both gentleman I wish a very happy life to two handsome men, all the best that life brings. By being together and sharing love that’s what makes a marriage stronger.

  3. April 18th, 2016 at 2:32 pm
    K. Martinez says:

    Congrats to Tommy and Gio! Screw the haters.

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