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Tom Daley gets to know work husband better ….

Meet Matty work husband and sycnhro partner! We have been diving together since the end of 2018 and he has featured in many of my youtube videos to date…but thought we would do a video to get to know each other better!



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6 Remarks

  1. For Fuck’s sake…..does EVERY SINGLE day have to have a Tom Daley post. Enough already. There are soon many other people to feature….but 2-3 times a week? Widen your scope already.

  2. Get a grip.┬áRead another blog instead. I won’t miss you.

  3. August 10th, 2020 at 4:37 pm
    Joe in Chicago says:

    Greg, thanks for featuring cutie Tom Daley. <3

  4. Yeah, we all chuckle and assume Greg has a massive crush on Tom.

  5. Allow me to add balance to the commentary:

    THANK YOU, Greg, for featuring Tom Daley. On some level I’ll admit that I’m just a *little* envious of Dustin Lance Black on that count. I’ve heard commentary from somewhere (I can’t recall exactly, because I dismissed it and put it behind me) from someone saying that they didn’t see Daley as being attractive, and wondered what was wrong with us who think Daley is. Well, truth be told, so I’m focusing on the superficial, but isn’t that ultimately where we all start?

  6. @JoeInChicago I have to ask, is that less than, three symbol representing low-hanging balls? That’s what I gathered once I saw them, but thought to check with you to be sure.

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