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Tom Daley celebrate memoir publication!

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2 Remarks

  1. A bit young for a memoir, don’t you think? Have I got news for Tom about what could follow in his life? As most of us discover eventually, life sure as hell ain’t a bowl of cherries. You gotta watch the media too. It’s all very well being a celebrity and the media will pamper and push you, but one false step and they crush you.

    Tom is good kid and he’s sexy as hell. But I hope he stays true to Lance, who’s a lovely feller. Trouble is, name one gay dude who isn’t dying to get his fingers into Tom’s under-rods? It’s dangerous being beautiful. You’d better ‘cream it’ while you can, Tom…just stay ahead of that ‘sell-by’ date…the nemesis of us all in the end. Yeah…of course I’m jealous!!! Lots of love.

  2. As cute as he is, he’s becoming a media whore. This dude sneezes and he makes the rounds on social media .

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