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Yes, Tom Cruise’s third marriage has jumped the couch – but that doesn’t mean he’s secretly gay

Is there anyone who believes that the Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes marriage was anything more than a business arrangement?

I’m stunned by the negative reaction towards Tom who is supposed to be the injured party here since Katie filed for divorce after five years.

But by this time, no one is buying it.

I don’t buy all the noise about Katie being a beard for Tom because he’s allegedly secretly gay. No one has any proof that he’s even bisexual! But his private life, his marriages, have always had a bit of a PR feel to them and I’m not sure why. This is a guy who has been stupendously famous for three decades and it seems like he doesn’t know how to appear authentic to the public anymore.

He’ll just have to settle for being one of the world’s biggest movie stars because as far as marriage goes, it seems that Tom has jumped the shark – or I should say jumped the couch!

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  1. Think Greg is most likely right about Tom not being gay. Who really knows what goes down in any relationship strait or gay.
    On he other hand the Scientology angle may have some truth to it…who knows?
    I think it was Bette Davis that said in one of her films “What a bore” that kind of sums it up for me!

  2. June 30th, 2012 at 1:28 pm
    Gaspar Marino says:

    Anyone who doesn’t believe than Tom Cruise is gay is in serious denial.
    All the marriages were business arrangements in one way or another. The more he tries to deny it, the worse it is for his image, but Tom thinks so highly of himself, he really thinks the public feels he marries for love. Nicole was paid off and now it’s Katie’s turn. Believe me any woman who tries to live with him and his ego, deserves every penny they get.

  3. C’mon now, people. Time to grow up. This type of arrangement has been going on for decades in Hollywood. Scientology’s complete condemnation of homosexuality, amoung other characteristics they deem as weaknesses, just adds to this sad charade.

  4. June 30th, 2012 at 8:41 pm
    K. Martinez says:

    I wouldn’t make any assumption one way or the other about his sexuality. If anything, I think Tom Cruise fits in the “strange bird” category like Michael Jackson.

  5. Who cares???

  6. Watch for Kelly to divorce John Travolta next so that John and Tom can finally have their scientology wedding and live happily ever after! :)

  7. I guess I never cared if he was gay or not, not as if he’s going to sleep with me! Any hoo, I hope Katie gets PAID, living with a man shorter than she was had to be a challenge as most little men have that massive chip on the shoulder.

  8. Regardless of the public relations and opinions, just pay attention to the lawyers on both sides of this case. They are absolute monsters at the top of their “profession,” assuming matrimonial law is still professional. Tom’s attorney is the most feared attorney in L.A., which is why Katie has hired two of the biggest guns outside the Hollywood community. A sole custody battle is usually a blueprint for “all guns blazing on both sides, till only one person is left standing.” Given these lawyers, the scientology issue, Tom’s suitability as a parent, and any scandal with smear value in it will be literally thrown around a courtroom and argued to the press. This either settles now, while the clients have some control of their lawyers, or it will never settle and 3 super-dangerous attorneys will go to war against each other — usually using up all of the matrimonial assets.

  9. The Hollywood Scientology is usually used to Protect a HUGE secret. What is the secret? Drugs, Gayness? It is not worth it to Katie (who was normally Pro-gay) and Suri to be forced to convert to a cult. It certainly isn’t helping Kelly and John!

  10. Wow Greg! You seemed to have changed your tune pretty fast. Just a few posts ago you were hoping “that these two crazy kids were really in love at one time”. But now you seem convinced that it must have been a business arrangement and that nothing Tom Cruise does seems authentic.
    What changed your mind?

  11. Denial, ignorance, or juat can’t handle the truth. Tom is gay! I’m a psychotherapist and a GM. I also know some people in that inner “NewYork” old gang!

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