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Thursday Morning Man: TMZ’s Max Hodges!

Yeah, I find myself watching a few minutes of the TMZ show several times a week as I channel surf.

And each time I do it, I wonder two things: 1. What is Harvey Levin really drinking out of that big cup? and 2. Who is that cute guy with the long blond hair?

Well, by typing “TMZ guy with long blond hair” into Google, I found out that his name is Max Hodges, he’s 30 years old, and he has been on the show since 2007.

That’s all I know!

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17 Remarks

  1. And he’s straight.I remember watching TMZ one day a couple of years and they were joking that he was gay and he emphatically said he was straight. Poor guy. ;-P

  2. If you like the scraggly looking type, he could be a person’s number one.

  3. He is gorgeous, and he KNOWS it. He brags about all the ladies he’s had, and said when they mentioned somebody ‘dating’ a girl not as cute as they are, “I do it ALL the time!” He said he was a runway or catalog model, I forget which.

  4. Harvey should capitalized on Maxs’ good looks and send him out for interviews, like at the Oscars, or Emmy’s, etc. Max is so darn handsome….it probably gets him in to trouble sometimes…

  5. Max is very smitten and very handsome! I think he’s the reason I watch the show :-)

  6. Max is by far the sexest man alive, Brad Pitt doesn’t come close.

  7. Hi Max, Just wanted to let U Know My Mother 75 yrs young Thinks U are Just the cutest Guy Ever! And will Claim U as her son Anytime. & she’s doesn’t look 75! She just got out of the hospital & is watching U faithfully! Her name is Marlene Simonds! She loves ya Boy!

  8. He’s OK. Looks like a small town mechanic.

  9. If he looks like one of your small town mechanics, I have a ton of cars that need to be fixed. : )

  10. Watching TMZ i left it on that channel and found a cartoon playing that was exactly the same, about people trafficing in France, as a movie i watched last week. Reality seekers wonder what the Fox channel is doing first, obscene women and their butts on TMZ and like a scare to people, terroistic like isn’t it? What does Max have to say about this? Or is it a cry for help? Call 218 301 4116 for aide to victims of sex trafficing. The judgements of the LORD are righteous converting the soul, if the soul is already saved the judgements will be waylaid by GOD himself, as in the days of Hezekiah-His God is stronger and mightier than any plots of evil devised against people.

  11. July 8th, 2013 at 3:21 pm
    Leonard Edelen says:

    Max and Harvey would make a really hot couple. Older dad and younger boy!!

  12. Did Max Hodges leave TMZ?

  13. I heard he left TMZ amid many rumors. I can tell you one thing that in not a rumor. I have removed TMZ from my DVR list and have no reason to watch it any longer.

  14. say it isn’t so Max gone, so surprized to read that i wasn’t the only one that watched the show, because of him. Just nice to not only have looks but most of the time the only one with any common sense on that show. So Sorry You Are Gone!!!!!

  15. I only watched TMZ to see the gorgeous, blonde guy with the great face and long hair! He was not only great to look at, but hilarious! Hope he goes on to do much better things as he is very talented, a natural, and deserves the best, and alot of money!

  16. He is so dam cute he was the only reason i look at tmz i no he will go on to make a lot of money i love him

  17. I am so disappointed that Max is no longer on this show. No reason to watch now !!! Bye Bye TMZ

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