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Thursday Morning Man: Michael Hance

This is heartbreaking. Today’s Morning Man is the late Michael Hance, a NYPD officer who went viral a few years ago during the city’s Pride Parade. He died this week at the age of 44 of brain cancer diagnosed last November. He was a first responder on 9-11 and leaves behind two young daughters. The 13-second video clip that made Hance famous shows him in full uniform and on duty, dancing and twerking with Aaron Santis, a marcher at Pride. When they parted ways, the men hug and his new friend plants a kiss on Hance’s cheek. Paige Ponzeka, who recorded the video, said the moment was ‘really special.’ ‘Aaron had danced in front of a lot of cops, but they were not as responsive. Then we saw this officer get into it,’ she told the New York Daily News. ‘[Hance] understood what the parade was about — about having fun and being yourself.’ And the fact that Hance was straight only made it so much better.

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6 Remarks

  1. OMG, heartbreaking. Rest in peace.

  2. Much too young. May you rest in peace.

  3. If only other law enforcement people were as kind and thoughtful. A tragic loss for his family and everyone.

  4. A Very handsome Man, You do not find to many Officer that will dance with another man, like that. My prayers to his family.

  5. March 16th, 2017 at 7:35 pm
    K. Martinez says:

    Yes, much too young. What a beautiful soul who brought light into this world. Rest in peace, Michael Hance.

  6. I hope this one-time ANGEL on earth is dancing in heaven. He was such a light of HOPE because he could have took the other route like many in his profession do but he decided to just dance and that made such a difference. It was a moment in time that I remember getting the feed and wishing that more law enforcement would have such a relax and comfort spirit and presence, especially when it comes to LGTBQI community.
    Sometimes we are ignored with our concerns and fears because we are allegedly promoting our lifestyles, instead of living our lives and when we ask for help from those who should be ‘protecting and serving’ we then go from alleged victim to criminal. “If you weren’t out there prancing around, you wouldn’t have got attacked!” is what one officer told me when I was attacked. He knew nothing of what happened and never asked me, he had no compassion, no sympathy and no empathy for me. He actually looked like he wanted to attack me himself and that was sad because I was already distraught like you can’t understand. I usually like a man or woman in uniform but this guy was AWFUL and I couldn’t find anything attractive about him, even the uniform.
    May GOD BLESS Michael Hance’s family and I hope and pray he is resting in peace.

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