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Thursday Morning Man: John Fennell!

Openly gay Olympic Luger John Fennell came out when he was 19.

Sadly, his hopes of competing for Team USA at the Winter Olympics in February ended last week after a freak accident in his World Cup qualifying run, according to Outsports.

He wrote on social media: “Heartbroken. Part of my sled broke off during my qualifying run, cutting my Olympic qualification. Seriously crushed to end like this.”

A duel citizen of the USA and of Canada, Fennell competed in the Olympics for Canada in 2014 and came out publicly shortly after that. He was aiming to represent the U.S. at the next Olympics.

It’s a pity he won’t be able to compete in these Olympics but let’s not forget what a hero Fennell is for having the courage to come out publicly.

That makes him a true champion.

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2 Remarks

  1. Good luck to you. I hope you will get to complete for the USA in the Olympics. And you will look good doing so,as you are easy on the eyes.

  2. Thanks for highlighting him; what a cute smile!

    Though, unless he’s dueling for citizenship of either country, he’s a “dual” citizen, not a “duel” citizen!

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