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Thursday Morning Man: Dillon Casey!

If you watch The CW series Nikita, then you are familiar with the handsome Dillon Casey who plays Navy Seal Sean Pearce on the show.

Torchwood fans no doubt remember him from a steamy guest shot he did that included a very steamy one night stand with John Barrowman’s character (see video below!)

Or you saw him in the Channing Tatum flick The Vow earlier this year or on one of his many TV guest spots on such shows as Warehouse 13, The Vampire Diaries and Skins.

But I remember Dillon from back in 2008 when I did a little interview with him at a Daytime Emmys pre-party. He was one of the stars of the series MVPs which was airing on SoapNET and I got a little bitchy in my write-up because I thought his answers were a little too flippant.

Well, I didn’t expect to get an email from him after that apologizing: This stuff gets overwhelming sometimes, and ít’s all new to me, so sometimes you don’t realize how you’re coming across. I didn’t mean to be a jerk and I feel terrible for it.”

After that, I became not only a fan of Dillon Casey the actor, but also of Dillon Casey the man.

John Barrowman And Dillon Casey Gay Sex Scene by Muchstrongerthanyou

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4 Remarks

  1. I am TOTALLY gonna have to start watching Torchwood…

  2. He’s adorable!

  3. The first disc of ‘Miracle Day’ just popped into my mailbox. YES! Wonder where this makeout scene is.

  4. Mike-you can stream almost all of it on Netflix. ‘Miracle Day’ is only available on disc at the moment. Enjoy. Also start watching ‘Dr. Who’-Capt. Jack Harkness makes a few appearances there as well. There’s a great episode where he makes out with a HOT soldier in WW11:-)

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