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Thursday Morning Man: Ben Rappaport!

Ben Rappaport Actor Ben  Rappaport speaks onstage during the "Outsourced" session panel  for the NBC Universal portion of the summer Television Critics  Association press tour on July 30, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.The new NBC comedy Outsourced premieres tonight and stars a very fresh young face: Ben Rappaport.
It’s a culture-clash comedy about America and India that casts Rappaport as a young man named Todd who works for Mid America Novelties in Kansas City. He is sent to run a call center in Mumbai, where he must train a room of locals to sell deer heads that sing Sweet Home Alabama. He is also thrown by the traditions of India cracking about the sacred cow on the office porch: “I guess you don’t have to go far for the creamer.”
I was among the reporters who chatted Ben up at the TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour and I mentioned that he didn’t have any previous TV or film credits.
He explained: “This is my first television role. I’m a theater actor  who trained at Julliard. I moved to New York to go to Julliard but I’m originally from Spring, Texas, outside Houston. So the whole fish out of water situation, when I first started doing the pilot, was very prominent because I could totally relate to Todd.”
“I got the script when I was auditioning for this part and I read it and I thought, ‘This is my father.’ My father works in the plastics industry and he’s so passionate about plastics and he’s worked his way up the corporate ladder in plastics. I just thought that eternal optimism really suited Todd so I went in there and did my dad.”
Still, he didn’t think he’d get the job.
“After the screen test I didn’t think it went very well,” he recalled. “I was a little nervous and I didn’t have as much fun as I wanted to. So I went back to the hotel room and they called me from the studio and they said, ‘Congratulations you have the role.’”
Ben Rappaport Actor Ben Rappaport attends the Gersh  Agency's 2010 UpFronts and Broadway season cocktail celebration at  Juliet Supper Club on May 18, 2010 in New York City.
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3 Remarks

  1. Ben Rappaport is just another disconnected Hollywood boob. The entertainment industry is full of naive spoiled liberal sycophants just like him. There’s NO chance of their jobs ever being outsourced – so it’s all just a big gag and an even bigger paycheck, no worries in the rarefied air of Hollywood – they’re insulated from everything – especially common sense.

    Water cooler stuff?? Yeah,..I’m betting that even the water cooler is made in India too!


  2. Does anyone else think this guy looks alot like Ben Affleck??

  3. Ben Rappaport TOTALLY resembles Ben Affleck!! I wish they could hang out together like twins; going into a few public places to just see if people would point and stare or what. I think it would be kinda cute and funny! I love the new comedy “Outsourced” and hope it’s here to stay for awhile.

    For the guy raggin’ on him: Leave Ben alone. He’s NOT a “Hollywood boob”. He’s a fine Texan, a newbie on the scene and this is his first gig. So lay off, go get yourself a job, and quit being so jealous!

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