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Thursday Briefs: Rob Lowe aging oh-so well; Jeff Lewis’s housekeeper wants to flip out; Andy Roddick out!

LEAN AND LOWE: Don’t hate Rob Lowe because he’s beautiful. Okay, I’ll try not to! The 46-year-old star shows us on the cover of the new Men’s Fitness that he’s as hot as he ever was – if not hotter!

When asked how he keeps in shape, he told Men’s Health that he’s “been sober for 20 years, but you gotta get your fix some way. At a certain point you realize a whole lot of espresso doesn’t do it. That’s why I like helicopter skiing and big-wave surfing. It’s a way for me to keep my edge.”

Rob has proven himself to be so much more than a pretty face in his remarkable career as he went from Brat Packer (St. Elmo’s Fire, Class, About Last Night) to hit comedies (Austin Power and Wayne’s World flicks) to television star (The West Wing, Brothers & Sisters).

Rob’s next career move seems like a smart one: He has joined the cast of the NBC comedy Parks & Recreation which is just getting started while Brothers & Sisters, which he left at the end of last season, appears to be in decline as it begins its fifth season.

HOUSEKEEPER FLIPS OUT: Jeff Lewis, the cute but kinda crazy dude from Bravo’s Flipping Out show, has been known to drive his employees bonkers.

In an interview with US Weekly, he admits that his housekeeper, Zoila, probably wants to escape pretty much every day!

“I have to keep a close eye on her, she’s tried to escape a few times. I’ve spent a lot of money on bounty hunters, finding her and bringing her back. I’ve spent a lot of time combing bus stations, train stations, airports looking for her and I just don’t want to lose any more beauty sleep over it. She’s on a very short leash, because I can tell she’s getting kind of squirrely, I think she wants to leave. [She's been with me] for like 10 years. We have a very dysfunctional mother-son relationship. Zoila has family in the area, so she leaves Saturday afternoons, she usually goes to one of their homes and then she comes back Sunday evenings. She does have a day off, but she knows she’s got to be in by 8:30 on Sunday. The telenovelas start early, then we’ve got lights out at 9 o’clock. No bedtime story. she usually falls asleep to the television, but she’s got to get up early. She’s usually a little bit slower is she doesn’t get 9 hours of sleep, so that’s why I like her in bed by 9.”

ELIMINATED: Gee, part of the fun of following the US Open is posting pics of American hottie Andy Roddick’s tummy which we can see when his shirt flies up during a serve or a forehand.

Well Andy, who turned 28 year old this week, was ousted last night in the second round of the US Open, a tournament he won in 2003 and will probably not ever win again.

Andy remains America’s top-ranked player but he has failed to come through this year and is barely hanging on to a top 10 ranking (he was seeded ninth at the US Open).

Andy lost 3-6, 7-5, 6-3, 7-6 (4)  to 44th-ranked Janko Tipsarevic of Serbia. Roddick revealed recently that he had a mild case of mononucleosis and said he did not come to New York feeling 100 percent ready.

But he was not willing to make any excuses: “We’re not talking about it if I win a match. I’m not going to talk about it because I lost.”



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One Remark

  1. I felt so bad for Andy losing, but, he really needs to get his mind under control over those late “challenges” after Tip was late in asking for one Andy lost his cool and then it was downhill for him after that, same way it was in Cincy. And then flipping out over the foot fault, oy vey. I have to admit, I wonder how much longer he’s going to be in the game if he can’t start getting deeper in the draws, and, what will it mean for his fans who like his game, personality and cuteness, if that’s a word!

    Go Roger, now that Andy is out, only one player left for me to root for!

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