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This & That: Johnny Depp, Carol Channing, Bob Costas and a new blog by Lorna Harris!

bettedavisThis is the first in what will be an occasional post about a series of random things. A little of this, a little of that. And yes you Bette Davis fans, I did get the name This & That from her memoir published in the late 80s in response to her daughter’s hateful book. At least Christina Crawford waited until Joan Crawford was dead to pen Mommie Dearest! B.D. Hyman, Davis’ daughter, published her book, Not My Mother’s Keeper, as her mother was recovering from a mastectomy and a stroke. I remember B.D. was on a talk show and people were calling in and one lady said: “I think you’re just a big BITCH!”

True that.

MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY: Who knew? Broadway legend Carol Channing – star of Hello Dolly, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and scores of other shows – has an unlikely movie star fan: Johnny Depp! The Oscar-nominated star of Sweeney Todd and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise had planned to catch Channing’s Cabaret act earlier this month at The Magic Castle in Hollywood but had an unfortunate flight delay.  Damn. I was at that show and woulda loved to have seen him. Here’s a RECAP.

STAR SIGHTING: So, yesterday I was at the Four Seasons Hotel to interview Eric McCormack, got into the elevator and standing next to me was a short, good-looking guy. It was Bob Costas! I asked him what he was doing there and he said he was in town covering the Figure Skating World Championships. As he was talking, it was kind of a trip to hear him using that voice!

A NEW BLOG TO LOVE: Even if she wasn’t one of my closest friends, I would be really happy to read Calif Lorna – a new blog that debuted on Monday by my pal Lorna Harris who does marketing for Greg In Hollywood. Lorna has a wicked sense of humor and shares with readers the trials and tribulations of leaving her native Britain and moving to the Balboa Peninsula with her husband, Danny Sullivan, and their two young sons. Danny – who was instrumental in launching my blog a month ago – also launched Lorna’s and writes about it today on his site

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