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There was a lot more to that Steve Grand in blue tights photo – here is the amusing context

Steve Grand posted a photo of himself in blue tights on Thursday to accompany some amusing live tweeting he did while at the gym flirting with a ball cap wearing guy with pasty skin and ‘that sort of clueless-straight-guy appeal.’

Grand begins this way: ‘Feel like my husband is ignoring me at the gym. #awkward. I would call him out but we’ve never been formally introduced. #notsoblessed’

Then he decides to play coy: ‘Oh. Now that I’m doing squats he all of a sudden seems to notice me. #toolittletoolate’

At this point, he starts to scheme: ‘Maybe we could coincidentally meet at the water fountain?? Think he’ll notice I am only a few sips into my giant gallon of water?’

grand realizes he’s got it bad: ‘Is whole wholesome, quietly-strong, blue-collar charm is nuking me RIGHT in the feels. Please send your #thoughtsandprayers for my heart’

Then he wonders where it will all lead: ‘He’s a trucker. Can’t decide if my life today is more like #TheNotebook or the start of a low budget porn where they still have clothes on.’

Grand wraps up the live tweet with a shirtless photo in his tights: ‘Wonder what made him sure Im family? tights? Am I just that FAAABULOUSSS in gen? Or just #thirsty? Nm#dontanswerthat’



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5 Remarks

  1. Think it is time for him to focus more on his music again if he wants to be taken more seriously in that field. Otherwise he will just become another pretty face and body which will eventually be overwhelmed by others doing the same.

  2. Why can’t he make music AND post shirtless photos when he feels like it?

  3. Greg, I couldn’t agree with you more, however, Steve did complain a few months ago that he wished to be known more for his music, than his body. I hope he can have it both ways, but he shouldn’t complain because he does tweet a lot of shirtless photos!

  4. @JerryP… In the pop music biz, it’s not enough to just “focus more on his music” – which he has been doing all along, btw. The artist also needs to be very active in social media because, as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

  5. My philosophy is that if you’ve got it flaunt it. That includes musical talent and/or a hot body. Steve Grand’s got it and I appreciate it.

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