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The usually tidy Anderson Cooper skipped showers on post-election vacation in Brazil

After one of the dirtiest US presidential elections in recent memory, many people felt like taking a shower.

Not Anderson Cooper.

The CNN anchor was in the thick of things each weeknight on Anderson Cooper 360 and moderated the middle debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

After it was all over and Trump was elected, Cooper flew 18 hours to his getaway in Brazil.

Once there, he did not even bother to shower – for several days, he confessed today while co- hosting Live With Kelly with his good friend Kelly Ripa.

‘For a lot of folks who work in TV, when you’re not on TV there’s nothing more luxurious than not having to bathe,’ Cooper explained.

‘When I went on vacation I literally did not take a shower probably for the first five days.’

He said to the disapproving audience: ‘Don’t judge, I was on vacation!.’

Cooper then went on to explain: ‘I figure I swam in the pool and in the ocean.’

He also tried to grow a beard and he only had a week to do it.

It didn’t go so well.

“I’ve never actually grown a beard and I secretly want to look like (CNN colleague) Wolf Blitzer.’

He showed the Live audience a photo of he and boyfriend Benjamin Maisani after both had let their facial hair grow for a week.

The boyfriend had a nice, sexy scruff going on while Cooper’s beard was nearly undetectable.

Joked Ripa: ‘Sweetie that’s like ME after a week of not shaving.’

Cooper wondered: ‘When am I going to hit puberty?’ Below is his entire appearance with Ripa – the talk about not bathing begins at the 3:20 mark.

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  1. Strange correlation between Anderson and the dirty election. He really should shower and come clean…Maddow came off at least smelling better!

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