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The superb “Weekend” opens in LA today! is a film I am happy to champion and thrilled that others in LA will be able to see in theaters beginning today!

The film is Weekend, a delicate and daring drama directed by Andrew Haigh and featuring breakout performances by Tom Cullen and Chris New.

The film follows Russell (Cullen) who, after randomly picking up an artist Glen (New) at a nightclub on a Friday night, unexpectedly spends most of the next 48 hours with him in bedrooms and bars, telling stories and having sex.

As they spend more time together, sharing snippets of their lives, they begin to reveal the things that hold them back as much as push them forward and develop a connection that will resonate throughout their lives.

This outstanding drama was easily the best movie I saw at Outfest this year. The two leads seem so natural and so inhabit their roles that you feel like you are eavesdropping on them most of the time.

As they spend more time together, sharing snippets of their lives, they begin to reveal the things that hold them back as much as push them forward and develop a deep connection that could resonate throughout their lives.

Glen gets most of the funny lines including his description of coming out to his parents when he was 16: “I told them nature or nurture it’s your fault so get over it!”

And boy is he opinionated saying that the gays in Britain don’t fight for gay rights  because they’re “too busy on Grindr or having their asses to do anything.”

While Glen seems confident, he acknowledges over the weekend that he is trying to “redraw” himself but is struggling because “everyone keeps hiding my pencil.”

Weekend was the winner of Audience Awards at both Outfest 2011 and SXSW and the opening night selection of Brooklyn’s acclaimed BAMcinemafest.




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  1. I don’t live in NYC or Los Angeles, so it’s very unlikely that this film will be at any of the local movie houses. There is good news for those of us who have read your posts about this movie and really want to see it, as I do. You can have your ‘opening night’ at home. Today, this movie has been added to VOD on your television. I am really looking forward to this.

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