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‘The Real O’Neals’ star Noah Galvin reflects on his toxic Vulture interview

Noah Galvin of TV’s The Real O’Neals gave ABC a public relations nightmare last June when he gave an explosive interview in which he maligned Bryan Singer, Colton Haynes and Eric Stonestreet.

He was recently asked by Variety what he learned in the aftermath of that experience.

‘The biggest thing I learned is just the potential reach I have … But I totally recognize that I messed up in some ways.’

The young actor, who is openly gay, had slammed Haynes for the manner in which the actor came out in May, dissed Stonestreet’s gay portrayal on Modern Family and accused director-producer Singer of inviting ‘little boys over to his pool and diddle them in the f-cking dark of night.’

Galvin then issued a detailed apology for his ‘brazen and hurtful comments’ on the day the interview was posted.

‘I’m just trying to learn from those mistakes and move forward and try to be a great advocate for the LGBT community,’ he now says. ‘The ultimate goal is to be a great actor and a great advocate.’

So why did he go after Singer, Haynes and Stonestreet in such a brutal way in the first place?

‘I think in the moment I was responding to frustrations that I felt in the business, being an out gay man in the business, and playing a gay kid on TV … I engaged in a conversation – a very cavalier conversation,’ says Galvin who also criticized ABC for the length of time the network took to renew O’Neals for a second season.

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8 Remarks

  1. What he should have learned is to keep his big mouth shut if he has nothing nice to say. Personally, I hope the show gets cancelled and he never finds work as an actor again….

  2. I disagree with Joe. Galvin is a talented actor who has every right to voice his opinion. Yes, he’s learned to do it more tactfully…but his show is a great ABC choice to help gay youth issues in the mainstream, with their parents watching as well.

  3. I think Noah is very talented and very young, and may have found more success than most equally talented actors do somewhat later in their careers. He may take some of his success for granted in a way that others that worked very hard, and longer to get theirs. Anyway, that is my take on the situation. I wish Noah success, and hope that the show sticks around for a while. They have a great cast, and some good writers.

  4. Joe obviously doesn’t practise what he preaches. ;1

  5. I just hage a warped sense of humor. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone (again).

  6. At least what I posted got some of you to comment, which is fairly rare. Just sayin’.

  7. Yeah, he said some shit that wasn’t so cool, but he seems to have grown from it. I don’t care for the show, but if it helps young gay people then I’m glad it’s available.

  8. Charlie is right. Anyone I introduce the show to finds it well scripted and well performed by Noah. His status as a real life gay man & LGBT advocate has proven to be critical in cast selection. Straight actors inherently don’t tend to naturally convey most gay humor/issues the script/director packs into a half hour. Episodes have education/safety messages that give the show stand alone importance. ABC’s also set for Dustin Lance Black’s “When We Rise!”

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