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“The Handmaid’s Tail” actress Ann Dowd: “I think the gay population is among the strongest people in the entire world”

Ann Dowd, an Emmy winner last year for her performance in The Handmaid’s Tale and a nominee again this year, talked to Out Magazine about her career and her son.

Here is the part about her son:

Q: But do you like have gay friends in real life?

A: Oh, of course! (LAUGHS) Oh my god, my son just came out, as a matter of fact. Yea, and he’s an adult with disabilities, so it was extra challenging for him on a number of levels. It’s with great relief that he realized. We couldn’t love him more if we tried. I don’t know how else to say this, but as if growing up isn’t hard enough, to have to come out and be worried you’re not going to be accepted for who you are. I think the gay population is among the strongest people in the entire world. It takes tremendous courage, and I have tremendous respect.


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One Remark

  1. I like her optimism and even if it a healthy approach to counter the poisonous stereotypes that once were so popular that indicated that gay people were cowards and whiners unable to cope with “manly” things, the fact is that we are not any different than other people; perhaps being more exposed in some cases make us grow a thicker skin (and in others au contraire, makes gay people too afraid to even accept their own sexuality, even among other gays, not even being able to utter what they like lest they can be labeled, and let’s not begin with the auto-homophobia that we also may have among us as a coping mechanism).

    Thus, we aren’t special for being gay or stonger or more skillful or more artistic or sharper and wittier (and the list goes on) these are things we may develop but with effort behind them (yes, we actually have to work on those things, it is not a given because of our sexuality). Good and bad people, all you could ask for, are also gay. It is a good reminder; with truth we can achieve more than with myths that when they fall, do us more harm. Younger gays are even more similar to the general population than older generation gays, who had to combat in a rougher terrain, but when the ground becomes more leveled, we are just people, no more, no less.

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