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“The Color Purple” actress Oluwaseyi Omooba fired from Broadway production for 2014 anti-gay FB post

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  1. Sadly this reminds me to the other side of the coin when religious people use (or used) their religion as an excuse to leave LGBT people without their job.

    You cannot convince people by the threat of losing their jobs if they don’t change their religious views. Especially Christianity whose main original motor and strength as a religion came after the idea that their belief was persecuted and even prosecuted and that suffering gave them God’s salvation.

    The root of her homophobic post (where she mentions a traditional view on Christianity in relation to sexuality and mentioning that, even if God loves everyone, that doesn’t mean that homosexuality is right and not a sin) is one that you can understand in context and there are ways to work around it and find a middle point, as long as you allow that dialogue.

    We cannot police people’s minds, thought and hearts and go after their jobs if they don’t express exactly the way SOME people pretend them to be (and why the way, some people pretend to know too much, sadly and are not the best examples of neither of what we want as a society nor of what we want as a sexual minorities), lest we become the monster we once suffered. And that is something now I understand. We have seen some zealots even go after some LGBT people who we still admire (or straight “allies” too) for not expressing some nuance in exactly the way they felt it has to be and that is fanaticism.

    We cannot became the Inquisitors we once feared and I don’t like policing people’s thoughts, feeling and actions as long as they are not punishable by law and/or indicative of a crime. I don’t think she will have a change of heart after this or become aware of what could be being LGBT after this and we may have fueled something uglier than before. Nor I think other Christians will feel this is a open hand to have a conversation.

  2. I appreciate that peoples hurtful comments made online are taken seriously.

  3. The only thing you have to think is that you (or anyone) will be horribly mistaken if you think that because you belong to the right group or with the (provisional) right opinions (at the moment) one day those who favor policing each word one day won’t come for you, once some people think that is not enough with the “truest or truth” that we have today (and it never is for some fanatics).

    But of course as history shows, by that time, it will be too late to ask for context or to favor diversity and tolerance (unless it is the fake one that is “diversity and tolerance for the teeny tiny little nuances” of one’s “undisputable true” doctrines).

    Seeding resentment (going after people’s jobs for instance) instead of having a bigger heart with those that may have hurt us is exactly reassuring an ugly comeback and we are (and will always be) in the minority, a minority someties embolden because a period of luck due to certain political and ideological circumstances (and no, we are NOT that indispensable or that unique to be so BOLD as to think that history owes us something and that it will never change again).

  4. I understand she was influenced by her anti-LGBT father however she’s an adult and can make her own mind up and clearly she has. To be in the business she’s in and still be anti-LGBT is stunning! She hasn’t taken the time or trouble to be open to being educated on the issues.

    I hope this teaches her a lesson.

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