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The 2013 Greggys: TV Couple of the Year is Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis of “Days of Our Lives”

Prime-time’s Kurt and Blaine may be engaged on Glee and Lena and Stef are dynamite on The Fosters but they are edged out for the TV Couple of the Year by daytime’s Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives.

Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) have been true blue week in and week out and navigated more drama in a year than most couples do in a lifetime.

They began the year with Sonny and Will on the outs because Will had not confided in Sonny that he had gotten Gabi pregnant. This was followed by Sonny briefly dating the ridiculously handsome Brian (Brant Daugherty) before our boys found their way back to each other.

But there was more trouble to come: Dastardly Nick was blackmailing Will into giving up any rights to his unborn child, Will was shot in a scuffle with Nick’s former cellmate, Sonny’s mom tried to convince her son to leave behind Will and ‘a life of chaos and danger,’ Will’s mom’s Sami was arrested for murder, Sonny delivered Will and Gabi’s baby under duress, then the trio settled into living and caring for the baby.

But Nick resurfaced and he ended up engineering a job for Gabi that took her and the baby away from Will.

The chemistry between Massey and Smith has only deepened during the year and the physical chemistry they have shared has added to the believability of them being a couple.

They are so affectionate and terrific together – it’s been lovely to watch them.

Both actors were nominated for Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Performance by a Younger Actor. It was Smith’s first nomination and Massey’s third. Massey, who won in 2012, made it two wins in a row.

Backstage at the Emmys, the actor told the press that he planned to leave the show at the end of his contract in December so he could return to college and finish his studies.

But later that summer, producers let Massey out of his contract more than three months early because they had already found his replacement: Guy Wilson.

Massey told me in an exclusive interview that there were no hard feelings about his earlier-than-expected departure but several reports soon surfaced that it was all handled rather abruptly and blindsided him.

Still, Massey is still appearing on the show since episodes are filmed several months ahead. According to, he will last appear as Will on Thursday, January 2 while Wilson will make his onscreen debut on Wednesday, January 8.

Wilson has some huge shoes to fill!


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10 Remarks

  1. Don’t think I’ll be able to watch after Massey leaves, especially considering the upcoming story :(

  2. Congrats to Chandler and Freddie! They so deserve this and many more awards for making Will and Sonny such a endearing couple. And thank you Gregg for being the first to even mention that maybe Chandlers departure wasn’t what the fans were lead to believe.

  3. That’s awesome, i love will and sonny, their an amazing onscreen couple and it’s cause of the fantastic work of chandler massey and freddie smith and their undeniable chemistry with each other, they just make it so believable, so it’s nice to see them recognized for it, they deserve it, I hate to see chandler go, wilson definitely won’t be the same without him and the new guy definitely has big shoes to fill, I personally don’t think he can fill’em but we’ll see I guess

  4. It is wonderful to see Sonny and Will noticed as such an amazing couple. I love that you pointed out that Massey and Smith did such a fantastic job and the chemistry deepened! One note, when I watched Massey’s interview after the Emmy Win, he did say he would possibly go back to school. He did not declare he would not resign a contract. Several interviews after he continued to say he was undecided. Honestly, the way he was “blind sighted” and dismissed is shameful. It is especially shameful that any fan would offer support to DOOL considering the callous treatment if actors who do so much to bring characters to life. Massey gave so much. In return he received a virtual slap in the face. Does Guy WilSon have big shoes to fill? Yes. And considering he has been so publically advertising himself as Will, wearing a wedding ring on set, no less, it seem DOOL does intend to have Will and Sonny marry and continue the story. Not everyone will be able to look beyond reality and rejoice when it is all such a disappointment. What a shame to throw so much potential out the door.

  5. i’m a huge fan of wilson , and for me wilson will always be cheddie so for sure i will stop watching dool afther chanlder leaves the show, and seriouly chandler didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was treated shame on dool, chandler was the best

  6. Great article Greg!! Finally someone who says things like they really seemed to have happened! I will write more later. Merry Christmas!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful article! I hate that Chandler was let go so abruptly but he did ultimately want to leave. I’m sure we will never really know that whole story. However, I would not take that out on Guy. He is also allowed to have the prop ring on while on the set. He probably was between scenes and forgot when he took that picture. I love Chandler and Freddie together, but I’m looking forward to the story continuing. I do understand why some people won’t continue to watch, but I am a Days fan who will continue to watch the entire show.

  8. Love Chandler and Freddie and they both deserved this acknowledgement. I am also a 3rd generation DOOL watcher. I also do not like the treatment Chandler received from DOOL after his announcement. I do not know yet if I will continue watching the show after Chandler leaves. Guy has very big shoes to fill. I do not think he is going to be able to fill them. Not saying he is not a good actor but let’s face it he is not Chandler. Replacement actors just about never work out. The chemistry is never the same. Freddie and Chandler had a special chemistry that will not be duplicated and they had years to get there even though you did kind of see it from the start when the first meet. I am glad the producers and writers of DOOL also will see this as well. Because they think he is replaceable and that is just not true. DOOL got best daytime soap this year. How do they think it was possible. Yes, by the hard work of all the actors. But especially because of the wonderful acting of these two amazing young men that put this story on the front burner and made you fall in love with them even if you were straight or gay everyone was behind their love story!!

  9. I am so happy for Chandler and Freddie, Chandler was the reason I started watching DOOL and Freddie sealed it when he came on. I won’t be watching after 2 Jan 14 but wish Freddie all the best he deserves it. Why I won’t be watching is because of the way the WilSon fans were treated Chandler and Freddie are WilSon to me and they should have been the ones to get married on the show not this new Guy. Sorry but Chandler was the reason I watchend and his departure is why I am leaving. DOOL you did him wrong and you know it. I love you Freddie and you are I both are from Ohio, I wish you all the best and keep up the good work. You and Chandler deserve this you did good work.

  10. They seem to be an amazing couple. I watched this show for some time and they had a lot of chemistry, but college, for him, at the moment is more important. It was a great show.

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