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‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Arrow’ star Colton Haynes goes on an epic Twitter rant: ‘Hollywood is so f**ked up’

I’m not sure what job Colton Haynes didn’t get but it has led him to go on an epic social media rant against homophobia in Hollywood. I am sure it must be frustrating and is certainly still rampant. But I’d rather see Colton follow the lead of such openly gay actors as Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff and focus on doing good work and not ranting on social media. I just don’t think it will help him and is less effective than giving a thoughtful and articulate interview on the topic. I write this as a fan of Colton and someone who wants to see him do really well. Here are his tweets:



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9 Remarks

  1. The problem with what he says (even if it is true or if it isn’t and it’s some personal paranoiac extrapolation) is that people may be tempted to see him as a ranting or problematic guy who alleges that he is being boxed because of his now revealed sexual orientation rather than the actor or artists that he really is. And that (IMO) may further sway the focus out of your job opportunities as, let it be honest, there are THOUSANDS upon thousands of good and talented actors, INCLUDING gay ones that never even had one important chance (and yeap, , not even bedding “the right people”, not surprisingly and it is an ugly reality that may be similar for most of the world). So imagine: among the ocean of talented (and beautiful and what not) actors who may look for a job and someone who may be angry because he feels he may be excluded OR that the roles he is being offered do not fit his aspirations, it’s may not be a hard choice to avoid the ranting one. Again, it’s not about he being right or not (or his perceptions or the ugly side of such a tough business) but it’s about how sensitive is the market to certain expressions and how coward money is. If he listen to the right people (instead of the “but you are so beautiful and so talented and so and so and so” ass-kissers that inevitably may surround him) he may avoid falling too deep into a self dug ditch. It’s not like he was out of the air for 10 years or anything. Also he may express the same in a more subtle, ambiguous, les confrontational, bitter-sounding way.

  2. And you Mr. Haynes take every of your personal life. If you weren’t gay, people wouldn’t have the slightest idea who you are.

  3. Hollywood is definitely hypocritical and fucked up when it comes to minorities in general. At least we’ve progressed to the point of actors being out but still so much more needs to be done.

  4. @Ed-You’re absolutely incorrect. If Colton were straight he would actually have a bigger career. I don’t know what your issue is with Colton but you come across as petty and jealous. Stop already.

  5. I understand what he is saying but Hollywood is all about perception – beauty and image over substance. Every industry has its own set of issues. This is why he was advised to stay in the professional closet. It’s too late to whine about it now.

  6. @Rye-staying in the closet is soul killing. Hollywood’s set of issues needs to change instead of having gay actors and actresses live inauthentically.

  7. The fact is that the more people know about the personal lives of actors the more difficult it becomes to separate their private existence from the character they are trying to portray. That is why actors like Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks try to keep their personal lives off of TMZ. Additionally, actors like Colton can’t stop themselves from using social media to self promote everything from when they brush their teeth or go to the beach. Like if or not, their personal image encompasses the image of who they are. Trying to then cast them as something contrary to that image becomes difficult when the director now has to utilize this actor in a role completely contrary to their personal self promoted image. They can’t have it both ways. Perhaps their high wages should counteract the closet discomfort.

  8. August 31st, 2017 at 3:03 pm
    John Purves says:

    Comparing Haynes to Washington and Hanks is quite a stretch. These two highly paid, awarded and thought of actors are from an earlier generation that did not grow up with social media, so if they use it at all, it is done with discretion. Haynes is known primarily for his looks, and whereas both Washington and Hanks were/are handsome men, they have relied on their talent to get where they are today.

  9. Please re-read what I wrote John. Not once did I compare the enormous talent of Denzel and Tom to the forgettable pop fluff of Colton. I mearly used these two giants as an example of how actors should refrain from over self indulgent exposure if they want to appeal to a mass audience in Hollywood. The less the audience knows about an actor’s personal life then the easier it will be be for the audience to accept the actor in the part. Colton is whining that since he came out it has limited his pool of roles. If he had not come out he would just be another pretty boy that can play any role. Hollywood is fantasy land. He should have kept his realness private and played the Hollywood game.

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