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Pro golfer Tadd Fujikawa: “The environment I was in made me to believe that showing femininity as a cisgender male is not right”

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I never really thought about this before. But growing up I was definitely considered "feminine". I don't know if any of my friends from elementary or middle school remember. Lol. But you're welcome to attest to it. ???? Somewhere along the way (around 13-14 years old), I changed. I stopped being "too girly" or at least tried to stop. Lol. Maybe to fit in with my classmates…maybe to fit in with society…maybe to please my family. I don't know the reason…but I changed. And it was my choice; no one made me do it. But the environment I was in made me to believe that showing femininity as a cisgender male is not right. In these times today, I see things are changing. I think being femme is more accepted. However, there is still a lot of femme-phobia and shaming (even within the LGBTQ community). And hate in that manner is not acceptable. BEING FEMININE DOES NOT MAKE YOU LESSER. BEING FEMININE DOES NOT MAKE YOU WEAK. BEING FEMININE IS STRONG. BEING FEMININE IS BEAUTIFUL. BEING FEMININE IS COURAGEOUS. OWN IT. EMBRACE IT. LIVE IT. BE YOU. BE PROUD. AND WERK. To me, showing PRIDE is about celebrating who you are. Being 100% authentic. It's about spreading love and support to each other. So I stand with all of my FEMME QUEENS and youth that is told to stop "acting like a girl". LET ME TELL YOU, EMBRACING WHO YOU ARE BRINGS OUT SOMETHING SPECIAL IN ALL OF US. PLEASE SHARE THAT GIFT WITH THE WORLD! #selfie #smile #professional #golfer #golf #athlete #asian #life #love #home #hawaii #oahu #travel #adventure #pride #visibility #inspiration #gay #femme #instagay #gayguy #gayboy #inclusion #lgbtq #advocate #activist #instagram #influencer #ad

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